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Default Re: Change is coming weather we like it or not.

I'm just going to stick this under a spoiler tag, it got to be a bit long.


While I've seen many forums branched off from PE2K, I've never seen them truly work. (And, I do tend to join them and check up on those forums, but they never seem to gain much momentum.) I feel like this is from the division and affecting both parties as a result. (Although, the Crossroads has an interesting blog feature...)

I'd like to think we can make these forums more active. What we're missing is what puzzles me (and probably many others). Many of us thought that activity would return with the help of 5th generation, and that did not come to fruition. Unless 6th gen proves me wrong, I don't think hoping for October is going to change much.

I for one, think that more advertising of the forum is needed. In fact, I joined the forum because I googled a search for a Darkrai trade way back when he was only released in Japan for the movie. I did not hear of these forums otherwise. I could try posting the site on tumblr and see how far that goes (and maybe more popular users, I only have 66 followers XD).

At that point, I don't know what else would get users to stay. The overall gaming forums don't seem to be as hustle bustle as it once was, but why would people stick around when it's so quiet anyway? And, we have contests and giveaways, but I don't see them help bring in as many new people as we all wished for.

Personally, I thought GCEA was a really amazing touch for those that want to RP and have this super cool Pokemon-twist to it. However, I feel like the rules need to be refined slightly as I had to ask many questions to understand them. (And, little did I know that some of my real life friends try to figure out the rules to join with me, but they became frustrated and decide not to join.)

Even though we're all friendly here, some people are just too shy or uninterested to ask questions. In order to attract more for GCEA, we need to address the rules a little better and maybe have a "contact JD to join in" note somewhere.

Now personally, my activity influxes depending upon the posts going on in the forums I'm active in. As the posts I'm following are GCEA Gold and Red, and they're not getting many posts, I tend to not be on much and sometimes forget to check the forums now and then. I'm sure this applies for many other people, and I don't expect everyone to be on 24/7, but the fact that many people are just not on and may just be avoiding the site due to disinterest (I'll admit it, I tend to be disinterested myself from time to time.) is another issue. It really falls on the posters not posting and hence no activity.

There was more I felt needs to be addressed, but I can't exactly put my finger on it for the other places of the forums. (Mostly as I don't go there as often.) I feel like we can do this, but whether or not we ALL need to go and start anew or stay here and patch the forums up again is the big question in my mind.

Edit: Another problem that needs to be addressed (something that I realized as I submitted the reply...) is that these forums may also drive people away because of the lack of stability and slowness to access the site. Hence, turning away more people as they may think their computer is being attacked or they just don't have the attention span to try again later. I personally can't think of anything to remedy this problem other than a new forum. However, again, if everyone moves to a different forum, I would see more of a rebirth of PE2K, not killing it. But, this is my two cents until the accessibility to the site is stabilized.

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