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Default Re: Solidus. "Oh, like Solidus Snake!"

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
My name is Solidus. I am a competitive Doubles/VGC player, as well as a competitive metal gear online player before it shut down in June of 2012, so I looked for places to be competitive, and no site does that better than smogon which I also joined in June of 2012. So I joined the ranks of the doubles/VGC players. I am also the owner, and an administrator of the new upstart forum,

I hope to get to know you all better. If you want to contact me Smogon/Sheer Cold is your best bet. I am Solidus on Sheer Cold, and Golden Piloswine on smogon.

I am also friends with BattleStar, one of the most popular users in the world!

Everything starts at absolute zero.

I have a couple friends on here that play doubles ! Maybe I can set you up with them for a battle or two.

Welcome to PE2K.

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