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Default Change is coming weather we like it or not.

I can't help but like our once sacred family is all but broken apart. Weather the forum is truly dead or not really depends on each persons feelings. The same things are true now that were true in the past. The forums activity depends on all of us. Talks about the forum being dead only serve to destroy motivation for others to post. I am here to say that until my lasts days on this forum I will never stop posting or trying to stay in contact with the friends I have made here.

As for the creation of a new forum, all I can say on that matter is. I wish the best and I respect whats being done...but I decided a month or two ago that all that I have left for forums will remain here with people. It remain here with my gcea crew ! almost a year now of story telling.

For those of you who have decided to stick it out or have dual membership I say now is the time for bold changes. Now is the time to let go of the good of days of PE2K. We can not worry about what was. It is said that a man that only looks back will miss out on whats right in front of him. So please use this time to raise your voices, to let yourself be known. It is okay for you to say I want my forum to be more than it has let itself become.

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