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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“How are we going to get the chance to talk to her though?” Damon asked in response to Ichiru's statement. “If Klaus compelled her again, then there’s no way he’s going to let us anywhere near her.”

Ichiru and Kiseki looked down, knowing that the older Vampire was right. Kiseki opened his mouth to say something else, but before he could, he felt another wave of aura like before - but this one was stronger.

Ichiru, Kiseki and Aiden exchanged looks with each other and everyone else in the room, affirming that everyone had felt it this time as well. Even the toddlers spoke up saying they had felt it this time.

“We need to find Caroline. Now.”

Kiseki had already started for the exit of the library when Isobel spoke, bringing Aiden to follow.

“Everyone except for Ashley, the toddlers, Diana and Damon head to the woods.” Lexi instructed. “I’m pretty sure that was Caroline’s aura so if we follow it then we’ll most likely find her. I think somehow her humanity just turned back on.”

With that, the rest of the group left quickly, although Ichiru stayed behind this time. Not only did he want to stay behind to protect Ashley, his children and even Diana, he also was afraid that if they found Caroline and her humanity had somehow shut off again, she would do something to upset him and he would end up snapping again. He still didn't know what had caused it the first time, and he certainly didn't want to risk it happening again.

As soon as he passed through the front door of the house, Kiseki bolted off in the direction of Caroline's aura with his Vampire speed, prompting Aiden to do the same.

He spotted the perfect circle amidst the trees up ahead a few minutes later, which Kiseki was running straight for. He could feel Caroline's aura coming from that direction, so it was clear that she had been the cause of the trees which were ripped out of the ground.

Kiseki slowed down to a human speed when seeing a figure up ahead, although he still ran toward it.

"Caroline!" As Kiseki's voice rang out, Aiden slowed to a normal speed as well, running after the younger Vampire.

As he grew closer, Kiseki could see that there were actually two people in the middle of the circle. Caroline was crying into the chest of none other than Bill, who was lying on the ground with what looked like a broken neck.

Kiseki dropped to his knees beside the blonde, gently resting a hand on her back. Two scenarios could be gathered from this moment; either Caroline had killed Bill while her humanity was off, or Klaus had done it when she tried to run away. But since Klaus was nowhere to be seen and Caroline's humanity was clearly back on, it was most likely the first. But another question that arose then was why had Bill been in Fells Church? Hadn't he left before?

"What happened?" Kiseki asked softly despite the numerous questions floating around in his mind. Aiden stood nearby quietly, unsure of what to say or do.
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