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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Every person has their own purpose in Pokemon. There are those that use Pokemon as pets or companions. Others research and try to unlock the secrets surrounding Pokemon. There are also those that capture wild Pokemon so that they can become stronger and more powerful.

I...well I happen to be a Researcher. I want to know why Pokemon exist and what are their legends.

Blue Team
total points earned: 118
points spent:94
current points: 24

Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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