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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Noooooot really..

The purpose of Pokemon is to train, trade, battle, collect, etc. There is no one purpose. Some people only battle, some only collect, some only trade, etc. There is a different purpose for different people, but wording it like "fighting for fun" or "make your animals fight for entertainment" just isn't justifiable!

The plot for the games is to catch, trade, battle, and become a Pokemon Master. To complete the Pokedex, battle everyone, challenge leaders...It hasn't really changed since the 'original' games (All the games are original to me, they're all different!).

There is a reason why Pokemon battle. To strengthen bonds with their trainers, to become stronger, and to reach the top. Most Pokemon have the same goal as their trainer. Some Pokemon don't even battle at all, some are kept pets.

EDIT: Yep, wrote three paragraphs THEN realized you were trolling. .________.
No troleing I swers to ghawd!

I am serious! Pokemon can be compared to dogfights in 19th century Britan; you get your terrier, either buy it from a breeder, catch a wild dog or steal one, "train" it, (a.k.a force it to attack things and beat it to make it more aggressive) stuff your dog into little cages and take it to some underground dogfight club, send it out to battle other dogs and collect the prize money, you take it home and give it some half hearted treatment to make it last longer and repeat, then it dies you just catch another one. I dont really know much about this but I think it was an easy way to make money at the time.

I also want to mention that pokemon sometimes get seriously hurt in battles in the anime, remember that time then pikachu fought that primeape? Pikachu got a serious beating and it did not look like any of the sides (neither the trainers or their pokemon) were having any fun at all.
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