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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

How much cooler than this can you get?

@Sealboy: Yeah, it died everywhere but Japan, where it got Lost Evolution. All we need now is the human-Digimon fusion concept in Pokemon and it would instantly make Pokemon 100% cooler.

Pokemon: 100% ==> 200% with human-Pokemon fusion furry concept

That's how cool it would be.
Digimon is more advanced than pokémon, the concept of pokémon is very simple; you force your animals to fight for your entertainment until they pass out, you take them to the hospital, get them healed up and repeat. while digimon has a meaning, there is a reason why digimon fight, and then there is fusions and all kinds of powerups, I think the simplicity of pokémon is what kept it alive for so long, and I, personally, would not be very happy if nintendo made pokémon into another bakugan/digimon/yugioh/beyblade like short-lived, overly complex… thing, also
Even Lucario is cooler than Shine Greymon
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