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Default Re: Modern Mythology [RP]

Raiju not for secrecy
A bar in Illinois
ARPers: Dragotech, Eternal Moonlight, Haybale Barn

"Soren, he got to Edward." Said a voice from the other end of the phone.

"How do you know that Jesse?" Soren asked, angered that Dalton had killed more of his own kind.

"I have connections in Illinois. Edward was at a bar, and Dalton showed up, pulled a gun and killed him. There is a fight there at the moment. I will SMS you the address."

Soren ended the call, and felt his phone vibrate as an address appeared on the screen. Preparing to fight Dalton, he changed forms to his wolf form. He snarled as he shifted onto four legs, and light blue fur covered his body. He felt his teeth extend into fangs, and heard the crack of electricity building up in his fur.

The wolf ran towards a street light, and jumped. There was a flash as he changed into a bolt of lightning, which shot into the light with a bang, shattering the globe.

Soren felt himself speed through the electrical grid in a matter of seconds, until he found himself doing laps of the wiring in the bar. Soren escaped the wiring through the lights, destroying them in the process. A crack of lightning hit the floor from the roof, and after the flash, a wolf was present.

There were many people here, all most trying to kill two people. Dalton and a boy a little bit younger than Soren. He fought with chains that extended from his sleeves, whipping and choking his enemies.

Soren hadn't been noticed yet. He howled, and raised the fur on his back, causing lightning to crackle more so than usual. It was obvious he wanted to kill Dalton, and some of the other vampires stood out of the way so he could do so.

Dalton Amaro, Chandler Steele and Soren

The fight continued, and Dalton and Chandler were holding their own well enough. Until Dalton saw two fireballs aimed for him and Chandler.

"Chandler, look out," Dalton said, raising his arm and gaining control of the fireball, throwing it at a vampire quickly to keep its momentum.

Chandler wasn't as lucky. The fireball hit his wintercoat igniting it. He ripped it off and threw it on the floor as it burned revealing his chains. He had a nasty burn on his arm, which stung badly. Chandler looked around, angry at what had happened, and saw a dark haired pale man with a cheeky grin walk towards the door.

The door was bar the bar, where there were several small knives. Chandler detected them, and assumed control of them. He held them in the air aimed at the man, as well as pulled four hidden knives from him, which joined the bar knives.

Suddenly there was a bang, as the lights disappeared. Underneath them was a pale blue wolf, with electricity crackling from its back. It started at Daltom with a look of rage in it's eyes.

Unable to see the man any more, Chandler threw the knives at where the man was, unable to see if the man had escaped them or not.

Dalton fired a shot and looked at the wolf, noticing how much it was looking at him. The wolf howled, and the vampires nearby stood back. If Dalton was right, this wolf wanted to kill Dalton personally, and the vampires knew it.

Chandler pulled the chains from his burning jacket, and whipped one out around the wolfs neck. The wolf barked, and Chandler felt and electric shock flow through his body.

"Chandler, get the girl and take her to where we spoke earlier today." Dalton said, "I will take care of this, just make sure you get her to safety. I need to talk to her."
Chandler stood up and nodded, and walked over to where he left Serena. Dalton looked over, and saw a vampire following him. Dalton aimed the gun at the vampire, and killed him.

The wolf charged a white ball of light above his back, which shot at him as a bolt of lightning. Dalton ducked out of the way, barely missing it, as the lightning bolt hit the wall behind him and exploded. Dalton threw a ball of fire at the wolf, who ducked it, and ran at Dalton, locking its jaws on his left wrist.

Dalton accidentally dropped his gun, but pulled the knife from him sleeve, and slashed at the wolf. The wolf released its grip, but jumped at Dalton.

The wolf jumped as Dalton, who grabbed it in mid air and threw it, before it had the time to shock him. The wolf hit the wall, as Dalton picked up his gun and ran towards it. He beat the wolf over the head with the weapon, as it howled in pain. Suddenly the fur disappeared, and it changed shape, revealing a teenager, a few years younger than him.

Dalton aimed the gun at the man, and readied himself to pull the trigger.
"Give me a good reason not to kill you now," Dalton said.
"Because you would be killing more of your own kind." Soren said, "we should be free, but you fight to have those that believe it killed."
"I fight for the safety of everyone. Unfortunately those of us that believe we should be free, generally tend to be idiots who threaten everyone else." Dalton said, "Just like you."

Dalton bashed the man over the head with the gun, knocking him unconscious. He turned and walked towards the door, gun ready to kill anyone who would stand in his way.

OOC: sorry for late post. I wanted to wait until Eternal Moonlight posted before posting again.

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