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Lilith Killough
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The two were silent for only a moment, but Lilith was dead certain they were appraising her and how dangerous she was. She hoped they underestimated her and she was overestimating them. That would most likely even it out. Lilith wished she was more prepared to deal with fae. The woman smiled at her, answering her with more questions. She seemed certain she was in control of the situation.

In response, Lilith shrugged a shoulder. "I wanted to ask if you knew anything about a series of disappearances that have been occurring to creatures of a more supernatural nature." She tilted her head and smiled while she carefully planned how to play her cards. "I'm sure you've heard something about it. The Unseelie Court knows all, doesn't it?" This was something of a gamble- she was assuming the faerie had a direct connection to the court- not all fae did. She was also assuming the faerie would not immediately gut her for knowing about it. She was fairly confident about this last bit, though. She hadn't struck yet after all. "The amount of questions depend on the answer, and as for price…" She paused. Letting the faerie name a price was an obvious mistake, but Lilith wasn't exactly sure what the appropriate price for knowledge was. If she survived this, she was really going to have to do more research into fae. "I'm sure we can negotiate something," she said primly. That seemed appropriately vague. This was like picking her way through a floor covered with shattered glass- from a glass she had dropped.

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