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Michael Mikulak and Mira
Psychic and Winter Changeling
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

<Someone. I smell someone.>

Mira voiced her concern in her head as she entered a clearing with Michael. Lo and behold, there was indeed a smallish girl in the clearing in the forest. She wasnít tall, shorter than Mira by a couple inches, with a shock of light hair to contrast Miraís elegantly bunned black. She was clearly human by her scent, but--despite not appearing to know much about the fae from the way her request was phrased--she was clearly competent. Mira was about to speak when she heard a voice in her mind speak:

<Two someones. Not one.>

<I would have smelled another person or any corporeal being.>

<Keyword: corporeal. There are two minds. I know it like my name. I suggest we flay her and use her intestines as garlands.> Michael thought calmly.

Mira believed that Michael intended this quite literally: she noticed a hanging intestine almost exactly the way one would hang a garland just before she saw Michael.

<Not yet.>

<I thought the Unseelie Court was made of predators.>

<Have you ever seen a cat just eat a mouse? Or does it play, first?>

<I donít like the second presence.>

<Weíre pretending itís not there, at least until it exposes itself.>

Michael completed the thought,<If it tries an ambush, it gets the nasty shock of someone prepared.>

Mira nodded her head imperceptibly. An idle part of her mind noted that only about a second had passed--the conversation literally took place at the speed of thought.

Mira took the time to note that, despite clearly being deadly and at least somewhat in the occult (though those tattoos and mascara would have made Mira think the girl was just a poser if it wasnít for her deadly stance and the capably handled gun), the girl did not understand just how bone deep the fae were tied into magic. If she had, she would have at least been more discreet about preparing magic, especially since the girl didnít have the sense to stay downwind.

So, Mira gave a small smirk to the blond in reply to the smile. Miraís clear and melodious voice was calm with just a hint of being shark like as she asked,ĒWhat questions? How many? And most importantly, for what price? I cannot give the valuable commodity for free, you know.Ē

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