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Lilith Killough
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Lilith advanced through the forest at a quick trot that slowed when she the cold rapidly became more intense. It was as if winter had suddenly lashed out. There wasn't anything natural that could explain the cold, which left the obvious explanation of magic. She pursed her lips, weighing her options. She didn't want to get turned into a popsicle, yet she didn't want to turn back now. She had too many questions that needed to answered- and while she hadn't gone looking for fae, she was sure that they could provide some insight. But she wasn't exactly equipped to fight fae. She resisted the urge to sigh.

It was then that she heard the sound of footsteps.

Lilith, listening to the footfalls, identified one person- then after a moment, heard a second, much quieter. They were heading this way. She didn't really have a choice at this point then, she decided grimly. Lilith began to walk briskly and as quietly as she could towards the footfalls, casually rearranging her weapons in case it came to a fight. The guns first, she decided. She knew those would work. If it got close, she would use the knives. The wands were a last resort. Having just had this last thought, she emerged into a clearing just as two other people entered it from the other side.

Damn. That blew most of her plan out of the water. She managed to keep from frowning, instead donning an enigmatic smile. "So sorry to interrupt your walk," she said lightly. "I was just wondering if I could ask you a few questions." She kept her hands at her side, wishing she had had time to replace the gun in her shoulder holster. At least they wouldn't immediately dismiss her as an ordinary human. Lilith took a moment to scan the two. The woman was obviously fae- she had that sort of unnatural beauty they supposedly possessed. The boy looked human, but there was something very decidedly off about him. Odd couple. She had no doubt they were the source of the activity Patterson that had picked up. In her jeans pocket, the wands were thrumming. Lilith would have hoped they couldn't pick up on the magic, but she was already sure that at least one of them could.

Well, she'd been in worse situations before. She smiled sweetly and prepared for the worst.

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