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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

I go to the lab, hoping to see Professor Cedar, but then a lab assistant comes and asks me,"Are you looking for Professor Cedar?" he asks. But then I say,"Yup, I'm going to be the world's greatest Pokemon master, so please tell me where is Professor Cedar."Just then a woman dressed in a white lab coat comes up and says,"So it is you, Zarraf. I was looking for you at your house, but then your mom said you went t the lab, so I returned back to my lab. Oh, yes I forgot! The Pokemon League Registration just came to me, here you go!" She gives me a Pokemon League Registration Paper and I filled it excitedly.But just then, I saw a Treecko, looking at me and training in the trees.I ask the Prof.,"Why is that Treecko outside and training alone?". She says,"We just got it here yesterday. so it's training alone because nobody likes it."But then Treecko looked at me just like as if it wanted to go on with me to a journey, then I say to myself,"Treecko looks like it wants to go with me, so I'll take it"And then I fill out the form and say to Prof. Cedar,"I want the Treecko training alone."And then Prof. Cedar says"Okay!"
Starter Pokemon:Treecko
I give the form to the Professor and my journey begins!
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