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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Name: Seraphina (NN: Sera)
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As Seraphina watched Char struggle with her own thoughts, Sera quickly frowned and felt guilty for asking the question. Especially for bringing up the terrible situation that the two girls were wrought with. However, her eyebrows furrowed with the return of Char’s question as she tried to recollect what she remembered when she was a spirit.

Sera tried her hardest to remember something other than her name and being a trainer. Sadly, the only other memory of recollection was the morbid funeral and the struggle she had with the two strangers; even then, her memory was fuzzy at best! However, now that she was thinking back on her memories, Max seemed oddly familiar to her.

“Yes, I can’t remember much either...” Sera began, her chest building up with anxiety at the thought. She even took a few extra moments to choose her words carefully as she felt that talking about her two faulty memories and Max’s connection may be a bad move now.

“I remember being a trainer... but I don’t even remember my team or what happened to them,” Seraphina finished, fighting back the high of her emotions with this pitiful realization. I hope they’re okay... I hope they haven’t been trapped for long, but at the looks of this run down building... I hope they’ll forgive me.

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