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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ella and Blaise
Hospital in New York
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima, Kaioo

Ella sat in the hospital playing around on her phone. Very little of her energy was being put into her illusions and reading Blaise's thoughts. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain, as if a knife was being stuck in her head. Ella closed her eyes and let her mind wander. She found the source of the pain. A blank spot in her telepathy, that sourced from the roof of a nearby building.
"There must be a powerful Psychic there, if they are able to shield themselves from me." Ella thought.

Ella looked over at the table covered in food Blaise had brought. Ella knew that if she were to drop all other illusions, and use all of her energy, she could break through the barrier.

Ella tapped into Blaise's mind, and created an illusion of some letters. The letters spelt "Blaise, I need to drop the illusions for a minute. I will bring them back as soon as possible. Be ready."

Blaise continued to play with the flames, until he saw something strange. Letters in front of him. He had received Ella's message.

"Ella what are you doing? If Alex comes, Caroline is as good as dead." Blaise thought.

Suddenly the letters rearranged themselves.

There is someone who could be worse. My illusions aren't working on them. They must be a powerful psychic. Get out if view of the building across the road.

Ella exhaled, as the illusions faded. She could now focus on one thing. Nothing could stop that one thought.

Ella closed her eyes, and let her mind extend to the blank zone she detected earlier. She attempted to enter the blank zone, but it was like a brick wall. Putting a bit more energy into it, she felt the barrier shift, but still hold strong.

"Whoever this is is strong." Ella thought.

She took a deep breath , and concentrated harder than ever before. With one last attempt, she forced her way through the barrier, catching glimpses of the persons thoughts. Each second drained her strength.

She felt a rush of fear, of being found, and a desire to remain hidden. She heard police sirens, and screams of civilians. Scenes of blood and death, and just one repetitive word. Run.

"This person is wanted by the law." Ella realised. If she were to have them believe they had been found, they might flee.

Knowing she didn't have much strength left, she focused one illusion. A red dot, that shined passed the persons eyes. That of a sniper rifle. And a man ready to pull the trigger from a nearby building.

Ella forced the feeling of a bullet ripping through the flesh of the shoulder into the person, the sound of a gunshot, and the site of a bloody wound. This person would think they have been shot, and would feel the pain of it until they left the illusion radius, or Ella let go if the illusion. It was the most powerful illusion she had ever attempted, and the most physically draining on her.

Ella gasped, as her strength left her. This illusion was tiring her faster than any she had done. But she knew that very few would be able to see past it.

In a matter of minutes, she would fall unconscious. Blaise didn't know where she was, and if she did, Caroline would be unprotected. She continued to cling to the mind of the person, waiting to see if they would flee.

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