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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
This is all dependant on if people actually are willing to leave this site and join. You're going to need to convince people to transition on over to PXR, otherwise it may not go as successful as hoped. And WAR would start in late June, right? Doesn't that give over a month to prepare? Or is there more time needed? (I've never organised one, so I wouldn't know, haha)

Again, depending on if people actually transition over well enough, and if you're successful on gaining new members xD Hopefully I'll be around to see it then :D

As someone who has organized several WARs before, yes, you need quite a good while to prepare. There's establishing rules, handling meetings, getting people to make WAR teams, deciding on who is going to judge sections, and a bunch of other things that just can't be done and handled overnight. At this point, it's too late to do all this, and secondly, there's just not enough activity.

The reason why WAR isn't going to take place at PXR this year is because the site and forum need to launch as smoothly as possible, so people are concentrating on making it the best it can be rather than try to handle the WAR on top of everything else. Secondly, PXR needs time to build a community with active members. When the launch has been successful and everything is going smoothly, then maybe a WAR could be considered, but not until next year, when there will be more people interested and willing to participate.

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