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"I will follow from the sky," the salamence muttered, rising into the air a bit above the group.

Nightfang was certainly glad that more of the pokemon were moving, and she kept her eyes on the furret siblings, careful to watch their movements and be cautious about where she placed her paws. Behind her, she heard Yuri make a frustrated sound in reply, but ignored her, fully focused on her journey. She could only hope that the other pokemon would be able to keep up, and that they wouldn't have to go far to find more stable ground or a place with food and clean water. Everyone was going to need all their strength to make this journey, which would last much longer than the swamp itself.

"Don't worry, Bladestrike," the scyther heard Yuri say. "They're not going to leave us behind."

"You sure?" he asked, turning to face her, his wide eyes filled with uncertainty. However, he kept walking, keenly aware that Nightfang didn't want anyone to stop; they had stayed too long in one place already, according to her. Bladestrike hadn't wanted to move on, but he knew he had to if Nightfang and the others had said so.

"You okay?" a voice stated from somewhere nearby, and Bladestrike briefly stopped in his tracks as he realized that the speaker was a small riolu. He focused on the pokemon for a minute, his eyes narrowed in concentration as he tried to remember if this was someone he knew.

"Uh...yes?" he stated as he began walking again, sounding unsure, as he wasn't certain what type of answer this pokemon wanted from him. He had no clue, despite his efforts, if he was supposed to recognize this riolu or not. The thought only confused him more, and he hoped that, wherever the two furret were leading him, it would be a place less hostile, and hopefully, less confusing itself.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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