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Default Re: WAR XII Discussion and Planning

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Yeah, we do, actually! But, PXR is having its launch this time next week, which will be a big event for us! We'll b having a lot going on, so adding WAR into the 'chaos' wouldn't be a very good idea. :\

Look at it this way, WAR is cancelled this year, but next year, we'll hopefully have the largest most active WAR you've ever sen! :D
This is all dependant on if people actually are willing to leave this site and join. You're going to need to convince people to transition on over to PXR, otherwise it may not go as successful as hoped. And WAR would start in late June, right? Doesn't that give over a month to prepare? Or is there more time needed? (I've never organised one, so I wouldn't know, haha)

Again, depending on if people actually transition over well enough, and if you're successful on gaining new members xD Hopefully I'll be around to see it then :D


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