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Default Re: The Last Poster Wins! [v4] ( and another poster goes...)

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
Do millitary camps have wi-fi?

Mod warning: I get it's a joke but...that was a bit extreme. I edited it out. o_o
Typically yes they do, of course being Basic, I doubt I can use it for things I would actually want to.

Originally Posted by TrainerKristian View Post
Thanks a lot Thyphlosion Explosion! I'll tell you next time!

PS: Could I just call you mr. Corey? Thy.-Exp. is SOOOO LOOONG!

PPS: I was just kidding about the "mr." thing.

That's too bad... So..., do you know when you'll get back?
If I heard correctly I have three months of Basic, and then four months of job specific training... so I should definitely be back by November. Definitely gonna read out my orders and do the math so I would know exactly how long it is supposed to be.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Of course, you can call me TE, Typhlo, Ty, Corey, anything. ^.^

Good luck in the army, Drago. Hope they allow you constant Wi-Fi! c:
Thanks, I may be able to use a computer in AIT, a possible perk for my specific MOS is that we will end up doing some work with computers... so perhaps they will let me use one in my free time (if I get free time).

Can I call you Swag Masta Yoyotypho?
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