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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Alexander Ryans, Subject Zero
New York City

Alexander's eyes snapped open as he heard the door to the apartment open and a gasp at the sight of him in the room. Instantly he was on his feet and sending a burst of Psionic energy at the man, sending him cartwheeling out through the window in the hallway and towards the ground outside the building. Bricks and shattered pieces of the wall flew everywhere as the entrance to the apartment exploded outwards, littering the street below.

The whole building seemed to groan as he calmly strolled out of the apartment as cries of terror and horror filled the hallways as people saw him leaving the destruction. One man ran to attack him, but he sent a burst of Psionic energy that tore the man, and the wall behind him, to shreds. The floor he was on now began to creak and splinter, and as he arrived at the end of the hallway he gazed back at all the people, before unleashing a powerful burst that decimated the entire hallway and all the apartments on the current floor.

Alexander landed in a crouched position, turning around and grabbing the teenager standing behind him, before slamming him into the wall. As the teen began to struggle, Alexander concentrated on stealing everything from the teen, who roared in pain as he flailed around in utter torment. With a final gesture, the teen dropped to the floor, before pulling off the teen's hoodie and putting it on himself, lifting the hood up in the process to hide his face. With one glance round, he unleashed a Psionic pulse below him, shredding the floor below him as well as consecutive others as he launched himself out of the building through the large hole caused by his earlier destruction.

Another glance behind him revealed the upper levels beginning to cave in on the building which began to collapse from the destruction wreaked upon it. Alexander gazed down at the street, where he spotted a swarm of emergency vehicles that had cordoned off the area. His eyes narrowed when he spotted a man, wearing a business suit, talking to several police officers.

"We got one of them!" A cop shouted, pointing up at Alexander, who grimaced as the cops all aimed guns at him, whilst the man in the business suit walked forward.

"By orders of the Company, you must cease and desist and come quietly!" the man shouted up at Alexander who sneered down at the man, though he didn't see it due to the hoodie.

Deciding not to verbally respond, Alexander raised his hands in front of him, and the Company member began to smile, before it turned to a look of fury as pieces of bricks began to appear out of nowhere in front of his hands, before he launched the barrage of deadly building blocks upon the cops. Cries of pain and the sound of the cars being completely engulfed in a wave of solid objects rang through the air, before silence filled the air as Alexander landed several feet in front of the Company man, who grimaced at the sight of all the emergency personnel buried, and most likely dead, beneath a swarm of debris that had been fabricated out of thin air by Alexander.

"Well, looks like we'll do things the hard way." the man said, before launching a burst of flames at Alexander, who brought his hands in front of him and created a small disc of purple energy over both his hands which blocked the flames.

"Huh, never done that before." Alexander muttered, before pulling the man towards him with a quick Telekinetic burst, and then slammed him into a wall with a powerful Psionic surge.

Before the man could react, Alexander used his telekinesis to pull the man towards him before slamming into the ground, and then Alexander was upon him, grabbing his face and lifting him up to throw him into a wall, crumbling pieces of it, before unleashing a powerful Psionic burst which destroyed the man completely as well as causing the wall to collapse. With a sigh, Alexander gazed upon his surroundings, before noticing a crowd of terrified people standing near a building.

With a sneer of disgust, Alexander thrust his hands towards the building before throwing his hands in the direction of the witnesses, ignoring the cries of terror as the building crushed everybody left, before he used a burst of Psionic energy to send himself into the air, and he began running and leaping over rooftops, away from the scene of destruction that he had caused. Alexander found himself on a rooftop across the way from a hospital, and he looked at the scenery.

When he looked at the front of the hospital he felt something niggling at his mind as he saw the overlapped image of a person playing around with tongues of flame, and under that a fainter image of what appeared to be a group of doctors chatting. The intensity of whatever was attempting to fool his mind increased, before he reinforced his Psychic Shield and narrowed his eyes as the image of the doctors began to fade away. The force of the illusion returned again, though the Psychic Shield continued to remain up, the faint image of the group of doctors had returned underneath the lone person.

Hmm intriguing... so there's a psychic of some sort in the hospital? Alexander wondered. The illusion keeps attempting to form, which means they're focusing on producing the illusion,. They must be pretty powerful as the illusion keeps trying to work its way into my mind.
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