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Mira and Michael Mikulak
Winter Changling and Psychic
Mount Mitchell, North Carolina
ARPers: Doodlebop

The entire forest was covered in ice. Plants had withered and died; the chill in the air became biting, everything in the area had the mark of deathly cold.

Everything, of course, except for a triangle, starting a few feet between Mira and the boy and branching. Mira’s attack had not touched the boy.

But the mental attack the boy had initiated ceased. Which was what Mira had been planning from the beginning. She did not afford the boy any time to start another mental assault; she coiled up like a snake, and leapt at him.

To his credit, the boy did not try to directly apply force against her trajectory. Instead, he resorted to applying countering lateral forces, one to him, the other to her. The result was a simple miss.

But Mira could not let him get footing long enough to invade her mind again. Instead, she summoned forth a howling gale of Unseelie chill to support and turn her as necessary to attack the boy.

The boy and the girl danced. Each attack the changeling could throw was countered by something innovative maneuver the boy would come up with. Every counterattack the boy tried cleanly missed the preternaturally quick predator woman. Gales howled, rocks flew, plants froze, the ground bucked. Each force one of them employed was defeated by an opposite and equal reaction force.

But there was something Mira was counting on. Psychic powers, especially thrown with such violence, were very tiring.

Whereas Mira was a supernaturally powerful scion of a fae who could do this all day long.

After a couple minutes, Mira’s breathing needed a little more effort. The way the boy was swaying made it clear that he was barely sitting upright. It was only a matter of time bef–

The boy collapsed.

Mira was a bit disappointed with the fact that the powerful battle ended so anticlimactically, but she didn't hesitate to go up to the boy and put her hand on the boy's throat to rip it out. Just as she was about to pull, though, Mira heard a shear from her pants, and–

Agony! Agony like none she had felt before, splitting her open like a physical thing! Agony unmatched by rolling in boiling acid, immolating yourself, and being flayed alive at the same time. PainpainpainpainpainpainPAAAAAAIIIIN!

And just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Mira turned her head around (keeping her hand on the boy's throat) and looked down. Her jeans were split open at her right thigh, and where she could see her skin, it was a bright red, as though burned. And right next to her leg was a levitating knife.

It wasn't remarkable, as knives went. It had a wooden handle, a blade that, while long and sharp, clearly came from the kitchen. But the bread knife had one attribute that made it so painful to Mira.

Its blade was clearly made out of steel.

It was obvious who was responsible, so Mira turned to the boy under her hand, and snarled,"I could rip out your throat."

The boy showed his teeth, and with a clear effort and hoarse voice replied,"Bleed? 'R poison?"

Mira remembered where the blade had been pointed. As she ran through the angles, Mira realized that if the blade had gone in much deeper, it would have hit an artery. And it was clear that the boy knew it, too. And he could still make it happen.

Not to mention the agony of having an iron blade thrust into her leg.

"What would you have me do?"

"...Deal. Alone?"

"No. We can't just go our separate ways. You attempted to invade my mind, and I cannot forgive that."

He pointed at her,"Here." he coughed,"Reason. Help?"

Mira caught on at last to her Queen's game. The boy was clearly powerful and the Queen just as clearly knew he was there,"Yes. I'm here for a purpose. If you help me, I'll forgive you for your crime."

"And alone."

Mira turned her head to the knife. "Yes. Alone." She withdrew her hand from his throat as he buried the knife in the ground, blade first. He gestured towards each of their heads, and then Mira felt a vague, but not invading, psychic pressure on her mind.

"You do understand that if you attempt to subvert me, I will either take you with me or be avenged?"

He simply nodded. Mira tentatively let him inside her mind, ready to try to force him out at a moment's notice.

A deep-ish voice made itself heard in her head,<That's better. Sorry I couldn't talk much earlier. Something They did hurt my vocal cords.> Mira could hear the capital letter on the word "They", but she said nothing indicating that fact. He continued,<So why are you here? I need to know what to help with.>

It was terrifying, knowing that this boy had just exposed her to some of the most terrifying things she had ever seen (and she had seen plenty of horrifying things in Arctis Tor, Medb's stronghold–the Queen absolutely saw to that) and was talking about what, if he knew as much about the Fae as he appeared to, was probably him having to assist in an assassination, as though he was just being asked to buy groceries.

Mira knew the theory behind telepathy, so she thought,<A demon binder. According to my sources, he's operating somewhere in Pennsylvania.>

<You got sent for a demon binder? Those guys tend to explode themselves really quickly. I mean, usually if you're going after a bunch of things that are trying to eat your face, one will eventually succeed.>

<Medb wouldn't have sent me if she thought he was going to explode himself.>

It was silent for a second, before she heard a slightly quieter (and somewhat fearful) voice go,<Medb. The Medb. As in, the Queen of Air Darkness?>


<Monarch of the Unseelie Court. Ruler of Winter.>


<And you work with her.>

Mira smiled.

<I am suddenly quite glad you're on my side. Shall we?> The boy got up an offered his arm like a perfect gentleman. Minus the blood, the messy hair, the gray skin, the tattered clothes, and the sheer number of scars the boy had, it was quite classy.

<Not until you buy me dinner.>


<But seriously, I don't even know your name.>

<When people called me by a name, it was Michael.>

<Most know me as Mira.>

The battered boy and the fae woman got up, and walked, the boy leading the way north.


SorrysorrySORRY for not getting this up sooner. I got superbusy, but I should be able to post more quickly now.

Also, Lilith should approach the two before Mira smells her/Michael senses her. Otherwise, it'll probably end up choppychoppyfreezefreeze.
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