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But French, Spanish, German and Danish hospitals are required to speak English just to mention a few, this is because English is a national language and the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese, if you are a German tourist and get injured in Sweden, the Swedish doctor will know English, and so will you.

Americans have hated pretty much everyone too, but they have forgotten and/or gotten along with their enemies, but (many) Japanese, due to their honor thing are still hateful over a war that happened 70, 100 or even 500 years ago, Japanese history is full of suicide, the samurai had seppuku, entire families killed themselves collectively during the war, and still the leading cause of deaths for 30-year-olds in japan is suicide due to failure.

It sure is easy to ignore flaws in something and only look at the good parts, Japan is probably a cool place, I don't know, haven't been there
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