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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Blaise and Ella
Hospital in New York
Affected RPers:Kei Ochima

"So how much can you do?" Blaise asked Ella, as he threw a can over Red Bull to her.

"I can make you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, anything I want." Ella said.

Blaise opened up the bag of chips he bought for himself, and threw one on his mouth. Suddenly he tasted something cold, and crunchy. He looked in his bag and saw centipedes crawling around inside it.

"So being able to read minds, you can find a persons worst fear and force them to live it?" Blaise asked. "That's why you chose to use centipedes?"

Blaise felt winds tear through the room, as the ground crumbled beneath him, revealing molten magma. Ella's eyes began to glow as she rose from the ground.

"Nice one." Blaise said eating another chip, after confirming it was actually a chip. "If I didn't know about your power, I would be shitting myself."

"When I was twelve, I was kidnapped and held for ransom." Ella said, taking a sip of her drink, "I forced one of the men to kill the others, then drove him insane to the point where he killed himself. Made him believe he killed his family."

Blaise paused. He wondered how a girl who seemed so innocent could be so insensitive to these things. Though he realised after seeing the corruption of humanity, people's deepest darkest secrets, it is impossible to stay innocent.

"So can you influence a sense given by a power," Blaise asked, changing the topic, "For example, could you shield my thoughts from Alex, and make him think I am thinking other things?"

"Yeah, I could, but I would need to know he is coming." Ella said, "Though I could probably pick him up from a block away, if I were to concentrate only on that. I am one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. I don't know why though. I was deprived of much social interaction as a kid. Had no friends. Kinda had to read minds to feel like I knew something about people."

Blaise continued to eat and looked over at Caroline. She was special. More so than the others Blaise had met. He didn't want to let Alex hurt her.

"You're getting attached aren't you?" Ella asked, "Based on what I have read, you usually hide them, and don't think about them again unless they are found."

"This is going to get annoying fast." Blaise thought.

"Heard that." Ella said, starting to laugh.

"How do you know I wasn't bluffing?" Blaise asked.

"Because I'm a mind reader." Ella retorted.

Blaise remained silent, obviously annoyed.

"You know the silent treatment is useless on me, right?" Ella said.

"Anyway," Blaise said, trying to change the subject before he thought something he would regret, "I am going to head out now. Make sure that you change my appearance, and shield my thoughts. If Alex gets wind of an illusionist, he will find Caroline. Besides, with your gift, you can be the secret weapon, I'm case I can't take him out."

Blaise stood up, and went to the door.

"I will be back here in 12 hours." Blaise said as he walked out.

Hospital in New York
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

"Damn it Blaise, you need to control your thoughts better!" Blaise thought to himself.

"Heard that!" Blaise heard Ella say from behind the door.

Blaise heard a gasp from behind the door, as Ella read the insult he thought.

He walked down the stairs, to the front door, and waited out the front, locating any water he could find, and playing around with tongues of flame, since he knew that Ella's illusion would stop the rest from seeing it.

"If he comes, I will be ready for him." Blaise said to himself.

Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

As Blaise left the room, Ella heard him think to himself.

"Damn it Blaise, you need to control your thoughts better!"

"Heard that!" Ella yelled out, laughing. The laughing stopped after she heard the insult that he thought, and Ella sat there horrified.

"Well I guess I had that coming," Ella thought to herself. She finished her drink, then tapped into Blaise's thoughts. He was downstairs by the door.

Ella felt her mind wander, as she tapped into the minds of the people in the hallway, creating an illusion. To them, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened. They didn't see a teenage girl push a hospital bed out of one room towards the elevator.

Ella pushed the bed into the elevator, as it went up a few floors. She found an empty room, at the end of the hall. She wheeled the bed into there, and put it in the corner, taking a seat next to it.

In her seat, Ella closed her eyes, and kept track in her mind of the illusions that were taking place, and the thoughts she was monitoring at that time.
There was nobody in the room they were currently in.
Caroline and Ella in their disguised forms were still in the old room.
Blaise's car was now a big four wheel drive.
Blaise was now a group of doctors, having a smoke out the front of the hospital, chatting.

Suddenly Ella had an idea. When Blaise would see Alex, or she sensed him, she would create another illusion. The room they were in now will not exist. There will be no door. Only the hospital wall.

Ella kept her eyes closed, making sure to maintain these illusions, whilst keeping her focus on Blaise's mind, but still scanning the minds of others who were near the door, looking for a sign of a telepath, or someone looking for Caroline. She planned on creating an illusion for Blaise if she detected him. A big arrow that only Blaise could see, pointing towards Alex.

Ella laughed at her idea, and the comedic value of it, still keeping her eyes closed...

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