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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
>It's actually number 10, and not young people. It's people 20-44, mainly due to unemployment because of high population.
>That is racism itself. No, not almost everyone in Japan is racist.
>Obviously because it's such a great place to live.
>Many things will still be Japan only. Pokemon crane games, Pokemon Centers, etc.
>Many places in the US and Europe have earthquakes, and most coastal areas have tsunamis. Not limited to Japan.

Where are you retrieving your facts? 4Chan isn't a reputable source btw (kidding, not kidding). ;u
I bet i am a huge weeaboo for saying this, but did you know Japanese hospitals close at 6pm?
and you still need insurance
and hospital personnel are not required to speak Wnglish
and because of the many injuries every day as a result of higher population, you may have to wait for half a day before you see a doctor

About that thing i said about suicide; its because (many) Japanese really actually has that honor thing stuck in their heads, and would gladly kill themselves if they fail, i know honor is sort of good thing, but it has lead to a lot of **** over the years, around 5000 people are honor killed every year.

and for the racism part, due to that honor thing, many Japanese are extremely patriotic and remember any war as if it should be yesterday, as a result of that they hate their enemies immensely even today, they hate Americans, Chinese, Koreans just to mention a few, some even remember the clan wars that were held 500 years ago, and still has a burning hatred for their opponent clan, in other words, that means that they hate themselves, and its not just a sport rivalry, its real hatred. an astounding 98% of Japanese are ethnically Japanese, while the remaining 2% or the population are Fillipinos, whites and south American, this is no problem at all, or it would not, if it wasn't for the fact that due to their extreme patriotism, (again, most) Japanese are against any kind of race mixing, resulting in even more bashing against minorities.
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