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Default Re: Breaking New Ground

Curating Hoothoot


I really like how dark this is, and the lighting effects you used to emphasize the Pokemon here. It’s very calm and soothing, and gives the sense that Hoothoot is a sort of watcher in the night.


The pose and story behind this are really nonexistent, but for such a simplistic subject drawing, you’ve really maxed out how well you can create a great, simple image. I love the flowing lines and smoothness of this piece. It just feels... serene, and maybe a little bit moody. I would say that Hoothoot looks a little creepy by staring at the viewer, but he really doesn’t. I just get the impression that he’s just looking, sitting there and being comfortable just chilling there next to the viewer. I do think that the moon needed a few more details, though; perhaps a few pockmarks and a hazier edge? It just, doesn’t really look like the moon and is a bit distracting from the image overall.


The colors are subdued thanks to the night sky, with the moon being the only source of light. I see wonderful use of gradients and lighting effects, as well as very good shading. I really like the gradient eye highlights; it makes his eyes look round and 3-dimensional, and gives a more realistic impression that he’s looking at us. The illumination on the left side is good, too; the hazy light and blurry edges are accurately represented as to what we see with our eyes in real life, as well. I do think you could have used the light in more places or brightened it even more, thanks to the full moon, and I also think that bright moonlight would highlight more bumps and edges of the clouds. Overall, though, your coloring is my favorite thing about this piece.

Pokemon Accuracy

Everything about Hoothoot is spot-on here, though I could pick on the leg a little bit. In the original art, it shows that his leg is a bit thinner, with the foot being the thick part.


1. Blend and add texture to your background a bit more. The moon in this could have some pockmarks and a bit more of a ‘halo’, or blurred edge, and the clouds could have been illuminated more to show their fluffy edges.
2. Take advantage of your light sources; I really feel that you could have exploited the illumination on the edge of Hoothoot nearest the moonlight, to make him look more realistically backlit. The moon is surprisingly bright when it’s full.

This gets a 50/100, meaning that Hoothoot is caught!

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