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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City

Caroline looked down when Blaise explained to her who Abbee was and showed her the tattoo of Abbee's name on his wrist, the blonde feeling guilty about the situation. If she had known about Abbee, Caroline never would had kissed Blaise. The kiss wasn't the only thing Caroline felt bad about. Abbee was killed by The Company, which Caroline's parents owned.

Caroline snapped herself out of her thoughts when Blaise and Ella then began to talk to each other about Alex, Caroline hoping that her brother thought she was dead.

"What do you think Caroline?" Blaise asked.

"I think the plan is a good one." Caroline nodded in agreement as she looked from Blaise to Ella. "Once I'm released from the hospital then I can just go to my apartment to get some clothes, and then can stay with Ella while my shot wounds completely heal. Once they do heal, I think it would be a smart idea for me to leave the city. I don't know how long my brother will be lurking around here for."

The door to the hospital room opened then as the same doctor walked in, this time his clipboard being replaced by a cup of water and a Vicodin pill, which was a strong painkiller.

"This pill is called 'Vicodin'." The doctor explained to Caroline. "Are you allergic to any medications?"

"No." Caroline responded. "I took 'Vicodin' when I broke my ankle when I was Ten."

"So then you know this will make you very sleepy quickly." Caroline nodded at the doctor's statement, putting the white oval shaped pill into her mouth and washed it down with the cup of water. "Get some rest. If there's no infection then you can be released later tonight." The doctor then walked out of the room and closed the door, bringing Caroline to sigh.

Memories from when she broke her ankle returned to Caroline, remembering that her and Alex were playing on top of a slide during the winter and that she slipped on a patch of ice that was on top of the slide. Caroline fell all the way to the ground and broke her ankle, to which Alex quickly slid down the slide and rushed to her when Caroline started to scream in pain. Back then Alex loved Caroline and would do anything to protect her, but now he was hunting her. Caroline wished that she could fix things with Alex, but she knew they could most likely never be fixed. The thought brought tears to start stinging her eyes, bringing Caroline to quickly turn her head towards the window so she could try and hide them.

"The pills are already working." Caroline said, feeling a daze washing over her. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep a few moments later, her hospital bed she was laying on having wheels for Ella to transport her to another room.

New York City

After what seemed like forever Alex was finally able to move and stretched his body to get his blood to pump properly again, an annoyed expression on his face. Someone had taken away his sister, which meant she probably survived the attack if she was taken to a hospital. Alex thought that maybe he could track down the car somehow, but he didn't even see the license plate.

"Damn it!" Alex shouted in anger as he stormed back into the ally, the male pacing back and forth as he tried to think of a plan.

His gazed traveled to a pool of blood where Caroline had been laying on top of, an idea hitting Alex as he walked over towards the fresh puddle of blood.

"I have a way to find you." Alex smirked as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, the inside containing a few cotton balls and a plastic bag.

Alex knelt down and took a cotton ball, dabbing the blood until the white ball was nothing but blood red. He then sealed the bloodied ball into the plastic bag, a plan forming in his head. He knew a man in California who worked for The Company, the man having an ability. He was able to touch the DNA of anyone or anything and locate that person anywhere in the world, and was even able to know if they were dead or alive. He could see right through illusions too, which meant Caroline was in trouble. Alex put everything back into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, dialing the man's number.

"Sean. It's Alex. How would you like to go on a little Witch Hunt?" Alex smirked.

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

Ashley and Jeremy watched as Ichiru adverted his gaze stubbornly, the twins nervous of what his decision was going to be. If Ichiru wasn't going to let them go, then Jeremy was ready to attack at full power. He was prepared to kill Ichiru, if that's what it took to keep his sister safe.

"Fine. You saved me twice so... a life for each time mine was spared." Ichiru responded after a few moments and sighing, his attention shifting down towards Ashley's wound. He didn't say anything at first, but when he did he took the twins completely off guard. "I don't expect you to trust me when I say this, but... I know someone who can heal that."

"Absolutely not." Jeremy responded, his shock quickly turning defensive.

"Don't be rude, Jeremy." Ashley glared at her brother, but he ignored her as he only stared up at Ichiru.

"Just because you're letting us go this time doesn't mean you will in the future. I don't trust you at all, so I'm taking care of my sister's wound myself." Jeremy growled as he stood up and helped his sister to her feet. "It's people like you why my sister and I can't even see our own parents. We haven't seen them in almost three years because The Company is tracking their every move." Jeremy shoved by Ichiru with his shoulder and walked in the direction out of the woods while Ashley silently followed, the brunette turning around to look at Ichiru with apologetic eyes. She turned back around and followed her brother out of the woods, the pain from the burn starting to set in. The twins made it back to their apartment and went inside their own room, the two completely unaware that Kiseki and Ichiru were living in the same apartment complex.

"You didn't have to treat him like that." Ashley said as she sat on the couch, to which Jeremy closed all the window shades.

"He's working for The Company, Ashley! The same people who are hunting our family and keeping us apart!" Jeremy countered. "We don't know anything about that guy. Did he even tell you his name?"

"No..." Ashley looked down.

"Exactly. We aren't going to put any trust into that guy. For all we know, letting you go could had been a trap for you to gain his trust."

"I don't want to get into a fight with you. I'm hurting too much right now." Ashley's words brought Jeremy's solid expression to soften as he sat next to his sister on the couch, seeing that her shirt was badly burnt.

"Take off your shirt so I can see the damage." Jeremy instructed, Ashley nodding as she slowly took off her shirt which rubbed against the burn, her pink laced Victoria's Secret bra being revealed which was strapless. Jeremy's eyes widened, to which Ashley looked at him in alarm.

"What?" Ashley asked, quickly looking down at her right shoulder. A large second and third degree burn which stretched from Ashley's collarbone, all around her shoulder and a little bit down her arm could be seen, Ashley's own eyes widening.

"Stay here and don't move." Jeremy stood up after speaking and hurried into his room and then the bathroom, returning after a few moments with his laptop and a soaked hand towel. "Put this on your shoulder." Jeremy handed his sister the cloth to which she placed on the burn, the brunette holding in a scream as tears pooled her eyes.

"What are you doing?" Ashley forced herself to ask when seeing Jeremy placing his hand over the keyboard to his laptop and closed his eyes after sitting back down.

"I'm telling the computer to fax over a medicine prescription for painkillers, antibiotics and the strongest burn lotion possible to the pharmacy a few blocks from here." Jeremy responded. "I'm making the order first on their list, so by the time I leave here and go there then the order will be ready for me to pick up." After a few more moments of silence Jeremy took his hand away from his computer and opened his eyes, the male standing to his feet and walking towards the door.

"The order will be ready that quickly?" Ashley asked.

"Yes. Stay here and lock the door. Don't answer the door for anyone." Jeremy instructed, leaving the apartment to go to the pharmacy. Ashley sighed, standing up and locking the door before walking into her room with the wet cloth still held up to her shoulder. She opened her closet and pulled out a strapless ruffled black shirt, the brunette carefully putting it on and walking back into the living room.
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