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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Holy snaps-doodle, I was just getting around to commenting on Chapter 11 but I didn't notice that you had posted a new chapter since I finished reading it! Haha, I'll have to do some more catching up then xD

Anyway, I'm pretty bummed right now that Brock didn't join them--but it fits his character that he'd be more concerned with his people. Still, I hope he'll be alright (and I hope he certainly won't join Surge Dx). Blue's starting to concern me here, though. It seems pretty likely that he'll let this vengeance thing to his head--and it'll probably get the others in deep trouble. At any rate, I hope the team gets some new help in the future--but perhaps they do in this new chapter? Haha, I'll have to get to reading that then xD

BTW, I like how all the chapter headings are Pokemon moves. Very clever! :D
Hehehe yuuup!

Aww don't be sad. D= It wont be the last time you see him. >;3 *insert evil laughter here*

Haha you're the first one to notice the titles! xD
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