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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

OOC: Okay let's see if I can get this moving again. Sorry that it's short (again) I'll add to it if I think of something else.

Sy waited patiently by a tree on the path the Furret found for the others to catch up. He really didn't want to have to stay in this swamp for much longer, it was becoming a real eyesore. Sy wished for about the 100th time since this happened that this was all just a nightmare and soon he would wake up in his room back in the Valley, which would be as peaceful as it had always been and his parents and brother would be alive and well, but Sy sadly knew that no amount of wishing will make it so. He sighed sadly and continued to wait. The young Riolu was absentmindedly when he heard some sort of thud, snapping him out of his thoughts.

"What was that?"

Sy looked through the other side of the overgrowth to see Bladestrike trying to wipe the mud of his face, which can't be easy considering he had blades for hands.

Guess he must've tripped up or something Sy thought. The possibility that Bladestrike was trying to fly never crossed his mind.

"You okay?" the Riolu asked as Bladestrike limped on.
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