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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City
Woods across from the apartment

Ichiru listened to Ashley's response to his question quietly. He had to admit that everything she had said so far had shocked or confused him in some way or other. It was safe to say that at this moment he found her rather intriguing. Not once had one of his targets ever been able to bring even the slightest thought of mercy into his mind once he had the opportunity to capture them, but this girl had not only provoked compassion, she had also almost completely changed his opinion on his mission. If what she had said was true, then The Company had lied to him about his targets, which meant that they had most likely lied about other things... He would definitely need to check out Ashley's story for confirmation when he got back.

"Another reason why I saved you is because you've been in my dreams more than once. If I had let you die in the bagel shop, then I wouldn't had gotten the answers I needed." Ashley continued her response, snapping Ichiru out of his thoughts as she looked up and locked her eyes with his own. "You gave me that answer I've been looking for. You're working with The Company, which is why you appear as a black wolf in my dreams and why my brother was protecting me from you. This very spot was the setting of my dream from last night. You were in it, and--" She paused, and the dark haired teen sensed some sort of danger nearby just before she finished. "So was my brother..."

Behind the brunette, the male from earlier whom Ichiru knew as Jeremy, stopped out from behind a tree. Blue and white electricity spun in his hands as he looked at the other male in anger.

"Get away from my sister!" After yelling those words, he fired a lightning bolt toward Ichiru, who quickly moved the vectors he had kept positioned near Ashley to try and deflect it. However, just like in the bagel shop, Ashley suddenly appeared between him and the bolt. She threw her hands up in an attempt to deflect it with a shield made of her shadows, but the bolt struck before it had the chance to solidify completely and struck her in the right shoulder. The impact knocked her onto her back.


Ichiru was frozen for a few moments afterward, even as Jeremy ran over to his sister. He heard Ashley tell Jeremy not to attack him, even after the other male brought up the fact that he was from The Company.

Ashley then shifted her attention back to Ichiru as she spoke again.

"Please let my brother and I go. I just saved you... again."

The dark haired teen averted his gaze stubbornly, clearly frustrated with his inner conflict. His reaction made him appear like the teenager he was for probably the first time in quite a while. It was almost as if even if he wanted to capture these two and bring them in, at this moment it simply wasn't physically possible for him.

He sighed for the second time that day after several moments of thinking, and after retracting his vectors completely, he finally gave his answer.

"Fine. You saved me twice so... a life for each time mine was spared." He looked down at the wound on Ashley's shoulder after he had fallen silent again, seeming to think over his next words for quite some time. Finally, he made his decision and spoke again, this time a bit more timidly. "I don't expect you to trust me when I say this, but... I know someone who can heal that."
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