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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Blaise and Ella
Hospital in New York
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

The doctor left, and Caroline apologised for kissing him. But Blaise's mind was absent. He was having flashbacks, of the alley with Abbee. Where he held her in his arms as she died from the gunshot wound. Blaise remembered the sorrow he felt when she closed her eyes for the last time, then the rage that he felt immediately after. He looked at the two men frozen to the wall. His senses were heightened, including the ones that detected fire and water nearby for him to manipulate. He felt in this state, two new sources of water. After all, the human body is 60% water. Blaise took control of the water inside the man, and heard him scream uncontrollably, as he ripped it from him, killing him. The second man saw and started screaming in horror, until Blaise took control of the water inside him, and froze it all. Blaise looked for security cameras, and destroyed them. He had never been able to do that before. He wept at what he had done, and how he had lost Abbee.

Blaise found himself crying in the hospital room. Ella stared at him in confusion. She mustn't have read his mind.
"I'm sorry. That just brought back bad memories." Blaise said, wiping away the tears. Blaise pulled up his sleeve on his wrist, showing the tattoo with Abbee's name.
"The reason I do what I do is because of her. I loved Abbee, but she was killed when the company tried to bring me in. That's why I hide people from the company. That kiss, as harmless as it was intended, made me remember my last few minutes with her, when she died in my arms."

Blaise wiped the tears off his face, then remembered what Caroline said earlier.
"Why did your brother want to kill you?" Blaise asked.
"Because she left her family, and he thinks she betrayed them." Ella said, "Sorry for reading your mind. I thought it might be easier than you having to talk. You must be weak at the moment."

Blaise remembered what the man said when he took Caroline to his car. He threatened to kill the both of them.

Ella continued to dig deep in Caroline's mind.
"Well this is somewhat ironic. He is a mind reader, like me." Ella said.
"Can a mind reader see through an illusion?" Blaise asked.
"Only if he reads a thought that gives away that what is happening around him isn't real." Ella said, "However if he thinks something that gives him away as Carolines brother, and I pick it up, I can put some fake thoughts into his head. I have read enough thoughts to know what the generic crap people think is."
"He knows she is probably in a hospital. After all, he did shoot her. I don't want to leave Caroline alone here with him after her." Blaise said, "So I have an idea. Only if you want to Ella. You have helped us enough as it is and we are grateful for that."
Ella sat in her chair for a second, unsure of whether to stay. As much as Blaise hated to admit it, he and Caroline needed her to keep Caroline safe. She was reading this thought from his head.
"Sure, I will help, but if you need illusions to this scale, I will need more food and energy drinks. But I can't go on like this for too long. I will need to sleep eventually." Ella said. She has never met others like her, mostly because her childhood was being locked in the mansion. These people interested her.

"Okay I will get some as soon as I tell you this. I will go wait out the front of the building. I need you to make me look like a doctor outside having a smoke. When I am out there, I need you to move Caroline's bed to another room, without being noticed. Do not tell me which room,"
Blaise said, "I cannot control my thoughts to well, as you saw earlier, and if I know where she is, he can read my mind and find her. In the new room, I want you to wait there and only maintain the illusion of me, an illusion of Caroline how she looks now in this room asleep, and something for you and her to not be questioned in the new room."
"Where are you going with this? I can keep those three without using too much energy." Ella said.
"I want you to monitor my mind when I am outside in disguise. I have seen her brother and will recognise him. You will know that he is here from my thoughts. When that is the case, I want you to put an illusion of Caroline in her real appearance in this room. Hopefully if all goes to plan, he will read the hospital staff's minds about the girl who was shot in this room, and kill the illusion of Caroline. That way he will believe she is dead and leave her alone for a while."
Blaise finished and looked at Caroline and Ella.
Ella thought about his plan for a minute.
"Sure. I will help. But I can't stay here forever." Ella said. Little known to everyone else, she was reading the thoughts of the doctors outside.
"The doctors say you should be good to leave later tonight if you don't show any signs of infection. We will wait until then, and go with Blaise's plan in the meantime. If he doesn't show, Caroline can stay with me until she has a way of changing her appearance. That won't seem too suspicious. She looks like she could be my sister."

Blaise realised that he and Ella hasn't stopped planning long enough to give Caroline a chance to say what she thinks.
"What do you think Caroline?"

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