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Default rough draft idea

Ok just throwing this out there, it may already be on another thread. Sorry if it is

This can all be changed to just kinda a rough draft idea
It could take a while to organize and for all members to)

When 2 groups would like to battle.

-Each leader chooses 5 defenders/attackers. Then decide how many attackers they want and how many defenders they want. (3attckers and 2defenderss) or (3defenders and 2attackers). The leader could either attack after his attackers are defeated or wait till his defenders have gotton a shot (IF THE LEADER ENTERS A BATTLE AND IS DEFEATED THE WHOLE THING IS OVER SO LEADERS BE CAREFUL)

-each side will have a chance to send the attackers at the defenders when/if a defender is defeated they move on to the next defender until the leader is reached and defeated.

-if each leader is defeated....the trainers that beat the leaders will have a sudden death battle to determin the winner of the attack/defend match.

-gotta be honest in the battle outcome....if you lose you lose no hard feelings or lieing

((((((((Keep track of battle on a thread with a little rp involved in the victory posts is always fun to read))))))))))
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