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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City

When Caroline woke up she felt sharp pains traveling throughout her body, the blonde slowly opening her eyes as she let out a small moan. She saw that there were two people in an unfamiliar room she was in, one of those people being Blaise.

"Caroline, you might not remember me, but I am Blaise from the Bagel shop. I went out to my car, and found you shot in the alley, with the gunman running away. I froze him to the ground, and brought you to the hospital." Blaise said, "thanks to Ella here, nobody recognises us. She can read minds and create illusions. To everyone else here, you look completely different, and your IDs have a fake name. That, and everyone listening to our conversation will hear something completely different. We all look completely different. You're safe here."

"The guy who shot me was my older brother Alex." Caroline responded, then locking her eyes with Ella for a moment. "Thank you. Your ability is really helping us." Caroline smiled, then focusing her attention over to Blaise. "You carried me out of the alley?" Caroline's memory was a blur at the moment. The last thing she remembered was her brother shooting her, then everything went black until waking up here in the hospital. "You saved my life Blaise... both of you." Caroline reached up and took Blaise's hand into her own. "Thank you."

The door to the hospital room opened as Caroline released Blaise's hand and dropped it on the bed, a doctor walking in with a clipboard in his hand.

"Ah, there's our patient. How are you feeling?" The male doctor asked, having black hair and blue eyes who looked to be in his thirties.

"Like I've been hit by a truck." Caroline responded with a small laugh, which only made her wince in pain.

"We'll get you some painkillers." The doctor nodded. "You're lucky when your boyfriend and your sister brought you in at the time they did. You lost a lot of blood when the mugger shot you."

"My boyfriend and sister?" Caroline asked in confusion, looking over towards Ella and Blaise.

"How much do you remember?" The doctor asked in concern. Caroline quickly caught on with the story that Ella and Blaise must had told the doctors and nurses however, Caroline giving the doctor a small smile.

"Not that much, to be honest. You're right though. I really am lucky that my sister and boyfriend brought me here just in time." Caroline took Blaise's hand again after she spoke, making it look like they were a couple. When the doctor began to write something on his clipboard Caroline forced herself to sit up despite the pain and gave Blaise a soft kiss on the lips, the blonde needing to make their relationship believable.

"I'll go get those painkillers and then let you have some privacy with your sister and boyfriend." The doctor spoke with a smile, to which Caroline pulled away from the kiss just enough to give the doctor a thanking smile of her own. She leaned back in and gave Blaise another kiss, hearing the doctor close the door after leaving the room which made Caroline lean back to give Blaise an apologetic smile.

"Sorry about that. I almost blew our cover-story so I had to make our relationship look real." Caroline said, easing her way back down on the hospital bed while looking at both Blaise and Ella. "I hope I don't have to stay here for a long time. The sooner I get back to my apartment, the sooner we'll be out of danger from here."

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

Ashley stood there silently as Ichiru stared at her for a few moments, the brunette knowing he was thinking over the situation in his head. She was nervous, knowing that Ichiru could trap her with his vectors at any time. When Ichiru sighed though, a small bit of hope flashed over Ashley's eyes.

“Why did you save me in the first place?” Ichiru asked. “If you knew I was going to be a threat to begin with, why not let me die and get rid of that threat?”

"Isn't it obvious?" Ashley asked with a small chuckle. "I'm not the kind of person who could let someone die, even if they're after my brother and I. Why do you think I only used my shadows as a defense when you trapped me and not actually attack you? I don't want to hurt you. I just want you to listen, and understand why you can't turn my brother and I in. I wanted to give you the information that you needed to make a decision, and since we're here only talking, I'm guessing you're letting my brother and I go." Ashley looked down, thinking over her next words.

"Another reason why I saved you is because you've been in my dreams more than once. If I had let you die in the bagel shop, then I wouldn't had gotten the answers I needed." Ashley then looked back up, locking her eyes with Ichiru's. "You gave me that answer I've been looking for. You're working with The Company, which is why you appear as a black wolf in my dreams and why my brother was protecting me from you. This very spot was the setting of my dream from last night. You were in it, and--" Ashley paused, realization hitting her. "So was my brother..."

Ashley quickly spun around to see Jeremy coming out from behind a tree, blue and white electricity spinning around in his hands.

"Get away from my sister!" Jeremy shouted in anger, the male firing a lightening bolt right towards Ichiru.

"Jeremy no!" Ashley shouted back as she stood in the path of the bolt and threw her hands up, trying to put up a shield made from shadows. The shadows didn't have enough time to become solid however as Jeremy's blue and white bolt went right through the shield, hitting his sister directly in the right shoulder. Her shield was in the middle of becoming solid however so when the bolt went through it it was actually slowed down quite a bit, resulting to Ashley only getting a bad burn on her shoulder. The force still knocked her down to the ground however as she laid on her back, Jeremy's eyes widening.

"Ashley!" Jeremy gasped, running over to his sister. Ashley sat up while holding her injured shoulder as Jeremy dropped to his knees at her side, the siblings locking eyes.

"Don't attack him." Ashley warned her brother.

"But I heard what you said! He's from The Company!" Jeremy argued.

"Please just trust me." Ashley begged, to which Jeremy clenched his jaw. He didn't move or say anything, which was a good sign as Ashley looked back up towards Ichiru. "Please let my brother and I go. I just saved you... again."
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