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Default Re: Who Were Your First "PE2K Best Friends"?

Okay, well, time for some old memories to come rushing back... Damn I was an arse back in '08 xD

Welp, the first person I ever clicked with on Pe2k was called... I can't remember, but their username now is "Mew Ichigo". We still talk now and then, but back in '08 we were really good friends, and we used to talk a lot. So there's mah first Pe2k best friend.

Then I bumped into Tyrell/Lonliness and Kei Ochima - two great people I used to RP with a lot. Tyrell and I had our differences at first, but we got on really well. Kei just continues to be awesome xD

Then I found myself in LMSSI (an old clan) and the people there were just great. Judge Dredd (TUST back then ;D) was a kick-ass guy and I thoroughly enjoyed being there, especially as I was made welcome without owning WiFi for my DS.

And now, I find myself good friends with tons of people - 5TailedDemonLizard, Winter, Judge Dredd (I can't seem to get rid of you ._. haha), Charmander009 and more. Gotta love Pe2k, even if it is dying slowly.


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