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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Max's attention moved to Moon. Turning to Char he smiled.
" When she is good to move, take her to that secret room we found..maybe you two can find her stuff and some info on her. Im going to go check on Jaye and Spin."

Max left the room quickly. As he reached the other room he noticed the two girls had found there way into a rocket storage closet. Max stopped himself from laughing as he watched the two walk around with the big red R on the back of the winter coats.

"Whats all this..."

before she could even respond a thought entered his mind. He noticed all the boxes of files and the old equipment all over the table.

Jaye turned around a look of concern in her eye.
"We're..." her eyes dropped to the ground.

Max felt a pain in his gut as the idea had already made its way through his gut.
"Staying..?" Max smile fled quickly.

Jaye looked up for a moment looking Max in the eyes. She wanted to rush over to him and hold on to him, but fought back the urge.
"Yeah...6 pods still remain out there. If I'm ever going to be able to look at myself in the mirror again than Im going to have save these people...or die trying."

Max hadnt felt this pain in long time. The two had been very close since she appeared i the safari zone among the wreckage. He also knew that she had been holding everything all this against herself since her memories started to come back. Without hesitation Max moved over to her grabbing her hand.

" I dont want you to stay h...uhh" Max paused. Taking a moment he forced out something helpful to say. He took a step back.

"Is there anything I can do? to help you with this ?"

Spin stepped out of the room for a moment.

Jaye looked Max in the eyes.
"I dont want you to leave me." she leaned kissing him softly on the cheek. She turned qucikly away as a tear rolled down her cheek.
" I need some time..Get the others ready to leave ill catch back up with you in a little bit."

Max tried to look at her but got no response. He backed up with not much to say he just responded
"Yeah..Ill do that...Think about what I say about what we can do for you."

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