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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Name: Seraphina (NN: Sera)
Location: AÖ Power plant?
Pokemon: --
Points: 17 (+1)

Sera nodded half- absentmindedly to Maxís response. The place definitely looked like a power plant, but arriving to the abandoned plant or even being in this building brought no recollection to the girl. ďThank you, but you didnít have to; youíll be cold soon, too, right?Ē Seraphina asked as she accepted the coat and pulled it on. Despite the warmth creeping into her cold, aching bones, she couldnít help but still shiver. Before Seraphina could ask anything else, her thought process was interrupted by the entrance of Char and Gold.

"You did it! You did it! You brought another person back!" The strange trainer exclaimed as she ran up to Max and Seraphina, beaming as she did. However, the strange pause in Charís excitement struck Sera as odd, but soon felt the same familiarity as Char. While Char moved onto introductions, Sera couldnít help but freeze up from the strange familiarity.

Despite this, Seraphina soon snapped out of her odd trance as she realized it was her turn to respond. ďI am Seraphina, but you may call me Sera,Ē She responded, smiling softly as she did. ďAs for how Iím feeling, I could be better, a little disoriented, but it is to be expected; Iím assuming Iím not the first then?Ē Sera continued on, clutching her head for a moment due to her overwhelming entrance.

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