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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Name: Char
Team: Charmander (Jazz, Able), Caterpie (Iris, Able), Mankey (Bruce, Able), Paras (Swampy, Able), Zubat (Esme, Able), Voltorb (Volt, Newly Captured!)
Location: Power Plant
Points: 63

In the dark, it was difficult for Char to figure out whether or not she had passed out. The sharp pain was there, though, coursing fire through her veins.

But then it ended.

Char and Gold fell to the ground, gasping for breath. Finally in control of their frames again, the two opened their eyes and glanced around in confusion. The room was lit once more, though the Voltorb were still unleashing their energy. Their fierce expressions had relaxed some, however. Shifting her gaze over the orb-like Pokemon, Char finally realized that their power was being redirected.

Were they...? Were they powering the building?

Char turned to Gold and gave a weak laugh. "Well... That could've gone a lot worse," she meekly offered.

Gold shook his head and got to his knees. "Let's just get out of here before anything else happens, okay?"

"Right behind ya," Char muttered in agreement. Returning Bruce to his Poke Ball, Char followed Gold out of the Voltorb's room and back into room with the cryo-pods. When they got there, they only found two people. Max--and... someone else? Not Moon. Not Spin. But... another girl? Char stopped abruptly, causing Gold to run into her. She ignored his startled grunt as she stared from the girl to an empty pod. The teen's face lit up with joy.

"You did it!" she exclaimed, racing forward. "You did it! You brought another person back!"

She raced up to the new girl, face beaming. She studied the girl for a moment, suddenly stricken with an odd familiarity. Had she met this person before? Well... perhaps. Apparently they were both imprisoned by the Rockets, since they were both here... But was there a connection between them?

Memory told her nothing. Giving up on it, Char continued smiling and said, "Hiyah! Welcome back! I'm Char! And it looks like you've already met Max. The guy whimpering over there is Gold, and..."

Char slowed down, realizing both that Spin and Moon weren't around, and that she was probably overwhelming this girl. She looked rather confused to begin with. Deciding it'd be best to slow down, she asked kindly, "How are you feeling?"

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