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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Aaaaaaaaaand I gotta excuse my absence, too xD New semester just started up for me, and it's crazy. I'm excited, though, because I'm taking an Entomology course! It's kinda funny that before class I was reading up on what originally inspired Pokemon: insect collecting & trading. So I practically geeked out when my professor told us that we'd be collecting insects. (To paraphrase my reaction: "OMIGOSH THIS IS WHAT STARTED IT ALL!!!)

I've also been a bit frustrated with my writing lately. The thing with RPing that I don't like is that I can't really go back and revise what I've written after a certain part, ya know? xD But I think I can get back into the game :) I'm hoping to get a post up tomorrow for the games. Hopefully. Why does it seem like every semester is busier than the last? xD

So, hope your headache gets better, Judge, and good luck with the Disney thing, EeveeTrainer! :D I applied for a Disneyland internship once, but I didn't get in xD Sounds like so much fun, though! :D I had a roommate who worked there once! She loved it!

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