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Chapter 12: Night Daze (Continued)

The next morning, the well-rested trainers continued on their journey to Mt. Moon. There was many wild Pokemon encounters on the way, but none were too threatening. After hours of traveling, they finally saw Mt. Moon peeking above the trees.

"We made it!" Scarlett exclaimed as she skipped ahead, still feeling the effects of Milotic's mental abilities the previous night. Jolteon trotted next to its trainer until a peculiar smell intruded its nose. The electric fox barked at Scarlett and clenched onto her lacy sock with its teeth, halting her movement. A blast of purple liquid crashed unto the ground in front of them, burning away all the grass, then melting a hole in the earth. Scarlett's eyes widened as she jumped backwards on impulse. "What the?!"

"Be careful! It's Team Rocket!" yelled Sabrina while summoning her Metagross.

Blue scanned the area until he noticed a small trace of movement behind some nearby bushes. "There! Arcanine use Flamethrower!" he yelled while throwing his pokeball in that direction. The large dog of flames flew out of the ball, its mouth overflowing with embers. It released a stream of hot fire towards the bush, instantly igniting it and causing the hidden attacker to flee.

Sabrina's Metagross stopped the Team Rocket grunt in his tracks by using a strong wave of its Psychic powers.

"Thunderbolt, Jolteon!" Scarlett ordered. The eeveelution jumped into the air as electricity engulfed its body. It fired multiple bolts of lightning at the man, causing him to cry out in pain. When the attack subsided, a few sparks lingered on the grunt's clothing, but he was definitely close to losing consciousness.

Blue stormed towards the fallen villain, and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt. "You thought attacking us would be a good idea, huh?"

The Team Rocket member stammered and almost choked due to the tightness of Blue's grip.

"Why did you attack us?" the Viridian gym leader glared at him for a moment, then smirked. "Hey.. I remember you. You were one of the guys who stole from the lab in Pallet Town. Tell me where your hideout is!" His Arcanine moved his massive head closer to the grunt, bearing its razor teeth at him which frightened the villain even more.

"Easy Blue.." Blaine warned. Blue's expression softened a tiny bit, and he almost appeared to be pouting, but he pushed the Team Rocket member closer to his Arcanine's growling mouth in amusement. "Blue!"

The young man laughed and pulled the man away from his snarling creature. "Well?" he taunted the grunt. The grunt appeared to be frightened for a moment, but his frown slowly turned into a twisted grin. Blue lifted an eyebrow in confusion, but quickly let go of the man when a thick blanket of black smoke covered the area. Realizing it was most likely an ambush, Blue quickly began thinking of another order for Arcanine, however the fear of hitting one of his own allies hindered him from saying the command.

Scarlett struggled to breath, and attempted to move away from the smoke. Her face collided with something cold and scaley, her skin automatically felt irritated when she pulled herself off of the object. She felt something tickle her nose multiple times, and waited until the smoke cleared enough so she can view the obstacle within her path. The blonde let out a gasp, when she discovered that whatever was tickling her was the tongue of a purple scaled snake with a multi-colored design on its stretched hood. Loud hisses erupted from its now opened mouth. Acid saliva coated its needle-like teeth filled mouth and its touch flickered with every hiss.

The groomer was able to dart out the way before it could bite her. "Wild Charge!" she yelled when she faced the Arbok once more. A lightning filled aura surrounded Jolteon while it began to run towards the gigantic cobra.

"Venoshock!" shouted another voice that pierced through the trees. The poison within the Arbok's mouth increased greatly until it finally released a cascade of purple-colored liquid. Jolteon was able to dodge it due to its intense speed, and crashed into the large snake pokemon's hood. Lightning pierced into the Arbok's body, causing it to cry out and fly a few yards backwards.

A blood-curling scream made Jolteon turn around swiftly, making it forget about the grounded serpent. The ground had more holes burnt into it, and a trail of them lead right to Scarlett. The lightning fox ran toward its trainer when more whimpers and cries came from her. The Team Rocket member who owned the Arbok finally appeared from behind a tree and slowly walked towards her. Jolteon growled at the man, its fur instantly being shrouded by lightning and becoming razor sharp. When he took another step, the yellow fox fired a Thunderbolt right at him, and its speed rendered his escape plan useless. The golden-haired girl collapsed, and writhed in the slightly singed grass, holding her face with badly burned hands. Jolteon nuzzled against her in a comforting fashion. Her allies ran towards her and quickly knelt down beside her.

"Are you alright, dear?!" Blaine yelled while he ran towards her. Blue rolled her over on her back and glanced over her shaking figure. Her legs, and clothes were covered in burn marks. The blonde's arms had smaller burns, but her trembling hands appeared to be the worst.

"Let me see." Blue ordered Scarlett while he gently tugged her arms away from her face, but they did not budge. He winced when a wave of quiet sobs came from the girl. "Let me see!" He pulled her hands away from her face only to be mortified at the sight. The skin around her eyes had been burned and more marks covered both of her cheeks.

"I.. I can't open my eyes. I can't see." she whimpered.

Blaine frantically grabbed a water bottle from a travel bag, and poured it on Scarlett's face, hoping to wash away any other trace of poison.

"She may lose her eyes.." Sabrina whispered to Blaine while she searched for any other medical supplies in their bags.

The fire master gritted his teeth as worry consumed him. "Blue, have you ever been to Mt. Silver?" he quickly asked.

"Yeah, why?" the Viridian gym leader asked.

"We must go there immediately! The hot spring there has healing abilities. If we hurry, we may be able to save Scarlett's eyesight!

Blue nodded and carefully picked up the trembling girl.

"No. With this condition, moving her would not be the best idea." Blaine countered.

The younger man held Scarlett tightly and carried her over to Sabrina's Metagross. He gently placed her on its head.

"Here." Sabrina said while giving Blue a piece of medical tape. He quickly wrapped it around her head, but Scarlett thrashed around due to the intense amount of pain. Jolteon jumped up and curled up next to its trainer, as if it was trying to keep her warm on the cold metal pokemon.

"You're gonna be okay." the Viridian gym leader whispered to the silently crying girl. "Sabrina, take her to Mt. Moon until I get back."

"I'll go with you, Blue. Let's hurry!" Blaine said as he walked towards them.

The brown-haired boy nodded and climbed onto his Arcanine, then assisted Blaine on the fire dog. As soon as they were safely aboard the creature, Arcanine quickly sprinted into the west direction, its feet becoming a blur. Within seconds, Sabrina could no longer see them. She focused her attention back on Scarlett, and climbed onto Metagross as well. The steel pokemon drew its four legs together then lifted itself into the air by using its telekinetic powers. It hovered over the moon rock infested ground towards the mountain while its trainer cradled the injured girl in her arms.

A low chuckle sneaked from the mouth of one of the spectators. "I guess we are going to Mt. Moon again."

"Arbok outdid herself." whispered another.

"That Scarlett girl is probably useless! It will be much easier to steal that Entei now. Let's just snag the ball!"

"Then, once we turn it in, we will be rich!" About a dozen of uniformed men emerged from the shadows of the trees and joined together in a dark laughter, the red "R" symbols on their chests glowing as brightly as their eyes.
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