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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 12: Night Daze

Brock and his gym members watched as the large man approached them with a huge grin on his face. Walking next to him was his Raichu, whose cheeks were sparkling furiously.

"Hello Surge. We were just talking about you." Brock said while crossing his arms. "You can put your Pokemon away now. I wouldn't want it to get hurt."

"You know it is disrespectful to not address me as Lieutenant." the former Vermilion gym leader warned while removing his sunglasses. Out of the smoke came out five more people, and they all obediently lined themselves up behind Lt. Surge. Brock recognized two of the people right away and the Lieutenant laughed when he noticed his expression.

"I need you to come with us now, Brock." Lt. Surge commanded.

"I can't." the Pewter City gym leader replied.

"Are you refusing you do your duty? Are you forsaking the people of Kanto?" Lt. Surge's expression was gradually becoming more angered. He pointed to his accomplices behind him. "These people know what they must do!"

"I know my duty, and it is to protect the people of Pewter City. I can't abandon them." Brock stated calmly.

"You are abandoning the entire region! Can you not understand the dire events that are occurring as of now? We've got problems more urgent than your puny gym. Do I have to beat you till you are thinking correctly?!"

"You can try."

Lt. Surge growled and motioned his accomplices to step forward. "Take em." he said lowly as he released his Magnezone and Electrode. The other five members of his group released their Pokemon as well, but Brock did not give them enough time to order any attacks.

"Stone Edge!" Brock yelled at his Golem. The large boulder-like Pokemon bellowed as jagged rocks began to swirl around its body, gradually becoming white as they spun faster around it. "Now!" ordered its trainer. Golem instantly fired the sharp stones directly at the opposing members, and the onslaught of rocks connected with the bodies of all of the enemy's pokemon. Lt. Surge's Raichu was almost brought down right away. "You know better than to bring Electric Pokemon into a Rock gym!" Brock yelled over crashing of the stones.

"You are making a mistake, Brock!" Lt. Surge said when the attack subsided.

"It is you who made the mistake for threatening me in my own gym. Get out!"

"You do not give me orders, boy." Lt. Surge growled.

"Then I'll force you out! Rock Slide!" Brock shouted. His Golem and Onix growled loudly as large blue ripples of energy formed on the ceiling of the gym. In a matter of seconds, large boulders began to fall from above. Brock chuckled while he watched the intruders scramble for a safe place to stand, but their efforts were in vain. The sound of crashes filled the room, and the ground shook violently every time a large stone collided with the floor. Lt. Surge ordered for his group to flee, knowing that endangering his allies were not worth it. The entire gym began to cheer as they ran out of the building. Brock merely smiled, then ordered his Pokemon to block off the entrance of the gym with another large boulder, knowing that his gym and his people were going to be safe as long as he was there.


x~ After walking several miles out of Pewter City, the exhausted pokemon trainers finally found an enticing place for them to rest themselves and their pokemon. They approached a vast boulder that appeared to be black and slightly crumbled on the right side, though most of the rock was planted in the ground. A few craters and fragments of multi-colored rock covered the ground in the vicinity, however, a healthy amount of plants grew around them.

"We're getting closer to Mt. Moon. See all the craters and meteorite pieces?" asked Sabrina while pointing to a few of the rocks.

Scarlett knelt down and picked up a speckled stone and moved her fingertips against it, intrigued as she felt its unearthly textures. "Wow, this is pretty cool! I've actually heard of Mt. Moon from a few of my customers back in Fuschia City. They said that meteor showers happen frequently there. I would love to see one!" she excitedly said while standing up again. None of her allies seemed to be excited about her statement and the only hint of positivity was shown by Blaine. She exhaled very heavily at their expressions, her small smile gradually disappearing along with the sun.

It was becoming dark so once the trainers put down their belongings in front of the boulder, each member of the group set out to complete tasks in order set up camp. Blue went to collect firewood and Scarlett used multiple repels to ward off wild pokemon within the area. Once the wood was properly chopped, they created a small fire, however, due to the sogginess of the branches, it took multiple tries to start it. Blaine and Sabrina began to cook a meal for the famished group while Scarlett handed water bottles to each of them.

"We're leavin' in about four hours, guys. Get rested up." Blue mumbled while leaning against the space-oriented boulder and crossing his arms behind his head.

"Four hours? It would still be dark, plus everyone needs more rest than that." Scarlett responded.

"Nahh. You're just lazy." the agitated gym leader said.

"Blue, I know you are completely exhausted, but you are being overwhelmed with stress. You need to rest even more than us. You haven't slept in days." Sabrina said while intensely staring into Blue's eyes from a distance, secretly analyzing his thoughts.

"We can't wait. Who knows what's happening to Gramps or Daisy." he countered.

"But, you can't assume the worst is happening to them. I honestly do not think Lt. Surge would hurt them because they are not even involved with these affairs. I believe they are completely safe and Surge is just trying to toy with you." Blaine added with a smile.

"You don't know that!" Blue roared, surprising all of the trainers and causing Scarlett's Jolteon to begin growling at him just for feeling provoked.

"Blue..You need to calm down." Blaine calmly requested of him.

The young gym leader's negative demeanor was causing Scarlett to feel even more uncomfortable and her own stress was beginning to spike. She watched Blue's every movement, worried that he might try to do something drastic if they said anything to him again. The groomer tugged at a pokeball that was around her belt until it easily popped off, expanded the ball to its full size, then released the creature that was resting inside. When the light faded, the pokemon revealed itself to be the Milotic that she used to escape from the Seafoam Island.

An intimidating smile appeared on Blue's face when he saw the newly released serpentine pokemon and he almost broke into a small wave of laughter. "Whatcha think you're doing, Scarlett?" he chuckled since he got the impression that she wanted to use Milotic against him.

"Nothing. I just like her company." Scarlett simply said as she patted her faithful pokemon's neck. She smiled when Blue's expression softened almost immediately as the serpent let out a cry that almost sounded like a soothing song.

The Viridian gym leader appeared to be going into a trance, and while he was in such a hypnotic state, he barely even noticed that Milotic's eyes were glowing a pale pink color.

'It's working. It's even working on me too.' Scarlett thought to herself as she closed her eyes in a relaxing manner, letting Milotic's empathetic abilities take over her mind.

Blue was shocked at how relaxed he felt at that time. How can one be so angry, feel absolute bliss seconds later? He felt the fear of losing his family slowly dissolve and the animosity he held in his heart towards Lt. Surge was gradually becoming more controlled.

"Feeling better?" asked a happier Scarlett.

"I'm even feeling better myself and even more on the positive side, dinner is ready!" Blaine acknowledged the group. His voice was obviously sounding more spirited than usual.

Blue nodded while he walked towards the camp fire. He was confused, but for once he could not complain about how he felt at the time. "What the heck did you do?" he asked Scarlett while he sat indian style in front of the fire.

The blonde trainer smirked while she filled a large bowl of food for Jolteon and Milotic. "My Milotic has the ability to remove negative thoughts." she simply stated, then fixed a bowl for herself.

"Wow.. It happened to you too?" the brown haired gym leader said to Sabrina, slightly freaked out by her smiling face.

Blaine let out a chuckle after swallowing a mouthful of warm stew. "Well Scarlett, you and your Milotic outdid yourself tonight! We definitely needed that!"

Milotic's eyes appeared to be extremely happy itself, and curled its extremely long body around the entire group as if it was protecting them. Its head rested next to its trainer while it joyfully feasted on the pokemon food that was prepared for it.

"I wonder why those people were so afraid of me." Scarlett wondered while she ate.

"Afraid of you?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah.. Back in Viridian, the people seemed like they were terrified of us." she responded.

"Perhaps they are not used to seeing trainers with legendary pokemon and with all of the attacks that are going on, it's natural that they do not trust the rare trainers who have them." the fire master replied while placing his bowl on the ground.

"What do you do, Scarlett? Are you a gym leader, a champion, or what?" Blue asked with his mouth full.

"I'm a Pokemon groomer." She finished up her stew and rested the bowl in the grass beside her.

"Just a Pokemon groomer?" Blue's expression was unimpressed.. "How does a Pokemon groomer get an Entei?"

"I obviously used to be a full-time trainer when I was younger." she said while her eyes slightly narrowed in annoyance. "Now I just train my pokemon whenever I get off of work everyday. Entei was definitely a challenge to get though."

"Would you mind sharing?" Blaine asked happily. "Too bad we don't have marshmallows!"

Scarlett giggled at the old man and nodded. "Sure, I guess I can." Milotic's comforting presence made it easier for her to dig into her past and think of ways to word everything correctly. "I'm originally from the Unova region, but most of my family lived in Ecruteak City, so I often traveled back and forth. I really hated doing that because it was such a long trip, but at the same time, it my choice." she started while petting her Jolteon's head.

"Jolteon was my first Pokemon. All of my family members were given an Eevee as their first pokemon. My family owns the Ecruteak Dance Hall, and dancing with an eeveelution has been a tradition for centuries.. I loved to dance, so my mom let me stay there for weeks at a time so I can practice to become a Kimono girl when I got older. I had a passion for battling too. Besides Jolteon, most of my team had not evolved yet. Our goal was to train until everyone was fully evolved and to become the first Kimono Girl to reach the Elite Four."

She glanced at the grass beneath her. "On top of my dance practices, I trained my pokemon for hours at a time, and during one of those training days, I first spotted Entei. Catching him became another new goal, but it began to consume my life. We would track him for hours and it took days to even get close to him. I had caught a Haunter to make sure that Entei would not escape again. One day we encountered him again, and everything was ready to go. Hydra, who was still a Zweilous at the time, and my Haunter almost got Entei weak enough so I could capture him, but then..." Scarlett swallowed.

She closed her eyes as flashbacks filled her head. "Hydra evolved. He had been blind all of his life, and when he gained eyes for the first time, it completely terrified him. He destroyed everything in the area out of fear, and broke Haunter's "Mean Look" on Entei. He escaped, but Hydra continued to attack Haunter, Jolteon, and me. The last thing I remember was being surrounded by blue fire. I woke up in a hospital weeks later. I had a severe concussion and my family told me that I temporarily lost my memory. All of my hair was burned off too." Scarlett moved her hands underneath her blonde hair and lifted it up, revealing scars all over her temples.

"Apparently Haunter had teleported us away from Hydra. He wasn't that hurt, but Jolteon lost her hearing in her right ear. After I was released, I became extremely self-conscience about my hair loss, so I quit practicing dance, but I was even more determined to capture Entei. Hydra was still rampaging back in Johto so I had to recapture him too. Once I recaptured him, we continued to train and chase Entei. The final battle was very close to Olivine City. An hour into the fight, I felt like I was going to pass out and all of my Pokemon were exhausted. The ground was leveled out from all of the attacks, and I remember that the sky looked like it was on fire." A sigh escaped from Scarlett's lips as she relived this experience.

"Before I blacked out, I threw one more Ultraball. I watched it shake a few times, but my vision was starting to fade. When I woke up again, Entei was standing right in front of me. It was the first time that I've ever been so close and I was honestly scared of what he was going to do next. I stood up though, and stared him right in the eyes. I was unsure what to do since my Pokemon were all fainted, but I just continued to stare him down. What shocked me is that the Ultraball was resting near his feet. It wasn't destroyed." the blonde groomer's eyes began to water.

"Entei roared...then bowed to me," she chuckled and wiped her eye. " I had caught him with that Ultraball, and he came out again just to congratulate me..or accept me. I finally caught him. It took me five years."

Blaine began to clap as soon as Scarlett finished her sentence, feeling moved by her story. Sabrina joined in as well, smiling very sincerely.

"Well, maybe you're not as weak as I thought." Blue mumbled with his eyes closed, as he was imagining the whole scenario the entire time. He opened one eye and gave her a playful grin.

Scarlett smiled in response and gave him a thumbs up. "Yup!"

The group continued to talk for a few more hours about past experiences and random stories. Could it be that they were actually becoming..friends? The trainers bonded until they all fell asleep around the dimming campfire.

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