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Default UPDATED!!! Lucy Lapras' Poke-Bazaar. Events, Flawless, Shinies, Dreamworld And More!

You must put my name with an @ in front of it or you will be ignored.

Hello All! The majority of pokes I want are Dw starters that are of different natures to the ones i have listed and flawless shiny dws.

I am also collecting JEREMY event pokes and looking for the fabled korean dw hoppip!

Rules: No hacks please, but clones are fine as long as you tell me.

Fair trades only!

Genesect, Plasma, LV 15, Quiet, Bold, timid, Lax, UT

Genesect, Plasma, LV 15, Lax, ST

Genesect, Plasma, LV 15, Naughty, UT

Genesect, Plasma, Adamant, LV 26

Keldeo, SMR2012, Timid, LV 15, UT

Keldeo, SMR2012, Hasty and Naughty, LV 15 UT

Keldeo, SMR2012, Mild, LV 55

Meloetta, Movie 12, Timid, Lv 15, UT

Meloetta, SPR2013, Jolly, LV 50, UT

Meloetta, SPR2013, Modest, LV 50, UT

Meloetta, SPR2013, Calm, LV 50, UT

Mew, Fal2010, Quiet, LV 60

Mew Aura Event, Adamant, Lv 45

Mew, FAL2010, Jolly, Lv 35

Mew, Fal2010, Naive, LV 5, UT

Jirachi, Wishmaker, Gentle and Brave, LV 5, UT

Jirachi, SMR2010, Lonely, Lv 5, UT

Victini, Liberty Island Event, Serious and Bashful, LV 15, UT

Victini, Liberty Island Event, Hasty, LV 41

Victini, Liberty Island Event, Quirky, LV 32

Victini, Movie12, Naughty, LV 50, UT

Deoxys, Oblivia, Lax, LV 50, UT

Deoxys, Space Center, Impish, lV 70 UT

Deoxys, GAMESTOP, Hardy, LV 50, UT

Darkrai, 2012MAY, Brave, LV 50, UT

Darkrai, Almia, Bold , LV 52 LV 50, UT

Darkrai, Alamos, Lonely,

Celebi, WIN2011, Lax, LV 50, UT

Shaymin, Oaks letter, Serious, Lv 39

Shaymin, TRU, Mild, LVC 50, UT

Shaymin, Movie 11, Relaxed, LV 50, UT

Piplup, Concert Event, Modest, LV 15, UT

Meowth, Cartoon ( Team Rocket), Timid, LV 15, UT

Pikachu, ASHs, Hardy, LV 50, UT holding light ball

Tyranitar, 10ANNIV, Quirky, LV 70, UT

Zapdos, 10ANNIV, Naive, LV 70, UT

Articuno, 10ANNIV, Lonely, LV 70, UT

Sandshrew, JEREMY, Docile, LV 12

Lucario, PALCITY< Modest, Lv 50 , UT

[spoiler=Shiny Events]
Mew, Eppies, Adamant, LV 30, UT

Deoxys, Calm, LV 30 UT, Unknown Japanese Event

Mew, Gentle, LV 52, Unknown Japanese Event

Shaymin, Oaks letter, Lonely, LV 100

Jirachi, Wishmaker, Docile and Timid, Naive And Bashful, LV 5, UT

Pikachu, Gamestop, Jolly, LV 48

Entei, Gamestop, Adamant, LV 30, UT

Raikou, GAMESTOP, LV 34[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Flawless Events]
Jirachi, SMR2010, Timid, LV 5, UT

Mewtwo, FEB2012, Timid, LV 70, UT

Keldeo, Movie12, Adamant, LV 15, UT

Celebi, Gamestop, Modest, Lv 50, UT

Weavile, WORLD09, Jolly, LV 30, UT

Genesect, Wi fi EVENT, Jolly, lV 50, ST[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Shiny Flawless/ Near flawless Events]
Suicune, WIN2011, Relaxed, Lv 30, UT

Milotic, VGC09, Timid, LV 50, UT

Hydriegon, Movie11, Timid, LV 70, ST Near Flawless

Golurk, Movie11, Brave, Lv 70, UT, Near Flawless

Shaymin, Oaks letter, Serious, LV 39[/spoiler]

[spoiler=DreamWorld Events And Starters]
Bulbasaur, Modest, LV 10, UT

Squirtle, Bold, LV 10, UT

Squirtle, Timid, lV 10, UT

Treeko, Adamant, LV 10, UT

Mudkip, Naughty, LV 10, UT

Torchic, Adamant, lV 10, UT

Turtwig, Quiet, Lv 10, UT

Piplup, Bold, very finicky, LV 10, UT

Korean Piplup, Bold, highly curious, LV 10, UT

Chimchar, Docile, Lv 10, UT

Chimchar, Adamant, Lv 10, UT

Korean Rayquaza, Quirky, LV 50, ST

Ho- oh, Rash, LV 10, UT

Lugia, Quiet and Docile, LV 40, UT

Lugia, Quiet, LV 100

Giratina, Bashful, LV 40, UT

Palika, Naive and Sassy, Lv 40, UT

Palika, Lonely, LV 40, UT

Gothorita, Mild, LV 32, UT

Landorus, Lax, LV 10, UT

Tornadus, Jolly, LV 5, UT

Tornadus, Quirky, LV 40, UT

Umbreon, Adamant, LV 10, UT

Arceus, Brave, LV 100, UT[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Flawless Dreamworld]
Charmander, Timid, Lv, 10, UT

Umbreon, Jolly, LV 10, UT

Gible, Jolly, LV 29[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Shiny Flawless Dreamworld]
Eeevee, Modest, LV 1, UT

Lileep, Timid, LV 1, UT

Abra, Modest, Lv 1, UT

Slowpoke, Modest, LV 1, UT

Poliwag, Modest, LV 1, UT

Dratini, Adamant, Lv 1, UT

Pachirisu, Gentle, Lv 1, UT

Spiritiomb, Bold, Lv 1, UT

Pinsir, Jolly, LV 1, UT

Vulpix, Timid, LV 1, UT

Druddigon, Adamant, LV 100, Near Flawless

Spiritomb, Quirky, LV, 100[/spoiler]

Frillish, Male, jolly, LV 12, UT

Sigilyph, Docile, LV 38

Starmie, Modest, Lv 43

Arcanine. Adamant, LV 100

Dratini, Lonely, LV, 23

Dratini, Modest, LV 18

Snorunt, Male, Naive, LV 1, UT

Glaceon, Mild, LV 50

Ditto, Rash, LV 63, UT

Golett, Calm, Lv 33, UT

Dratini, LV 53, UT

Audino, Relaxed, LV 21, UT

Aron, Careful, LV 21, UT

Gigalith, Careful, LV 37, UT[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Shiny Flawless]
Zapdos, timid, Lv 50, UT

Lugia, Timid, LV 70, UT

Kruyem, Modest, LV 70, UT

Mewtwo, Timid, LV 70, UT

Zorua, Mild, LV 1, UT

Staryu, Modest, LV 1, UT4

Slakoth, LV 1, UT

Marill, Adamant, LV 1, UT

Scraggy, Adamant, LV 1, UT

Chansey, Calm, LV 1, UT

Teddisura, Adamant, LV 1, UT

Tauros, Jolly, LV 1, UT

Makuhita, Impish, LV 1, UT

Cranidos, Adamant, LV 1, UT

Wurmple, (Female), Bold, LV 1, UT

Latios, Calm, LV 40, UT

Beldum, Adamant, LV 1, UT

Gasty, Timid, LV 1, UT

Scizor, Jolly. LV 1, UT

Houndour, Modest. LV 1, UT

Deino, Modest, LV 1, UT

Feebas, Bold, LV1, UT

Horsea, Timid, lV 1, UT[/spoiler]

Cloning Spot.

i can also clone pokemon for you, just use this form and I can clone them for you for the small price of keeping a copy for myself. Gen 5 only.

[spoiler=Clone Form]@lucy69
Pokemon you want cloned:
How many of each plus original?:
Friend code:[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Wants]DW Starters, MAIN WANT
jeremy events
DW Females[/spoiler]

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