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Default The Elemental Masters (Unofficial) - Under Construction!


The Elemental Masters began as the dream of three brothers, Hannibal, Jorge595, and RJMays.

Our parents once ruled, and the the world lived under the shadow of their organization: Team Ultimate Nightmare, the Lords of Darkness. But they were hungry with power, and the night after we were given our starter Pokemon, like all the Teams before them, they perished in the pursuit of ultimate power - they tried to capture Arceus.

We however, were spared by the legendary Pokemon when our bonds with our new Pokemon were tested and found to be pure. To teach us that Pokemon were friends, not tools, we were each allowed to keep and cultivate the friendships we had begun.

Since then, each of us has come a long way. We have mastered the usage and strategy of not just our original starter Pokemon, but every Pokemon of our types to become Pokemon Masters and League Champions in every region. And under the watchful eye of Arceus, we have successfully turned our backs on our parents dark empire, but not their ambitious zeal. Instead, we have focused our energies on a new goal: To gather the best and strongest trainers under the power of our respective elements, and to ensure the demise of criminal empires across all regions!

We, are The Elemental Masters. Join us?



Read them or else!


1. READ the rules
2. No Spamming
3. Follow the standard rules
4. Respect your clan members and everyone else
6. Please attempt to use grammar?
7. No hacks.
8. Inactivity for over 2 weeks without reason or prior notice will be seen as a resignation. Upon your return, you may re-apply however if space permits
9. This is Pokemon. Don't take it too seriously! Have fun!



Friend Code:
Skills/Jobs (optional):
Experience in competitive battling:
Sector Applying to:
Available Test Battle Time:



Battlers (Wifi or PO indicated)
PKMN Professors
Team Builders/Tutors



Hannibal - Leader of The Blazing Sector
Jorge565 - Leader of The Torrent Sector
RJMays - Leader of The Overgrowth Sector


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