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Lightbulb PMD : Weather


The whole pokemon world was sleeping in peace. There was no tension. No one knew that there could be a possible threat in the coming near future. The weather trio are back from sleep but this time they are united and are corrupted. They are killing pokemon for their needs. They are trying to rule the world but there are some pokemon who will stand against them and will tell them that nobody can destroy their world.

1) All global rules should be followed

2) Whenever you're OOC(out of character), use parentheses, but please leave it on topic.

3) Have AT LEAST three sentences per post-it should be easy, right?

4) Try to post often (at least one time every two days).

5) Don't be invincible. Take a hit or two.

6) It's taking place in Unova region so you have the ability to pick any pokemon but no legendaries.

7) Have fun

And now, for the character application :

Pokemon: (any pokemon except legendaries)
Appearance: (anything not included in the Pokemon's original design?)
Personality: (can be like in the stat info)

Here's my application :

Pokemon: Charizard
Name: Char
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has a different color than anyone else. He has blue as his main color and black are his wings. He has a red cloth wrapped around his forehead.
History: There was a saying in his tribe that the charizard's with different color than normal are born with bad luck. Therefore he was thrown out of his tribe. He was the only one. But he didn't lose his confidence and left that tribe and thought to help others who are in distress. When he heard the news of the Black Kyurem and the White Kyurem he set out to hep other pokemon.
Personality: He is good to good and bad to the bad people and pokemon.
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