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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Caroline didn't move for a few moments after Kiseki spoke. Her gaze stayed locked on his hand for what felt like forever before she finally reached out slowly and laced her fingers with his own. However, he could tell when she touched him that something was wrong. Even as she pulled him toward her until there was no possible space left between the two of them and connected her lips with his own in a soft kiss, he felt nothing from it. Something wasn’t right.

"Kiseki..." She leaned back to look at him after breaking the kiss, rubbing her thumbs gently on both sides of his neck. A horrible feeling came over him then as he looked at her. Wouldn’t she normally be touching his face?

The blonde then gave him a sweet, yet terrifying smile. Kiseki instantly felt a chill run down his spine even with his already cold body temperature.

"You can't help me."

Before he could respond, a loud crack filled the silence following Caroline’s icy words, and everything went black.

"I'm not sure." Back at the house, Ashley responded to Ichiru with a shake of her head, her gaze going beyond the bedroom door. Ichiru knew without following it that she was looking at their children downstairs. "Whatever plan Klaus has for Caroline then we can stop him, but we can't risk our children's lives with Caroline's humanity shut off. If she even thought about harming them... I wouldn't be able to control myself... I would probably end up killing her."

“I know what you mean.” Ichiru responded softly after a few moments. He knew he probably wouldn’t be able to control himself, either. Not when it came to his family.

After that very thought, Ichiru felt something. Something felt wrong. His mind instantly went to Kiseki, and he quickly tried to form a telepathic conversation with him, but the connection was gone.

"Crap." Just as Ichiru started to say something about his discovery, Damon suddenly whipped his head toward the front door.

"I hear her too. She's here." Ashley and Damon rushed downstairs with their speed after the brunette spoke, bringing Ichiru to follow after regaining his composure.

"Where's Kiseki?" Damon was asking the smirking blonde in front of them.

"I broke his neck and left his body in the woods."

“What?!” Ichiru’s eyes went red instantly as Caroline responded with a shrug. Aiden didn’t say anything, although the shock from the statement made him right from his place beside Kotomi.

"You did what?" Isobel gasped as the red haired Vampire looked at Caroline in utter confusion.

"Klaus compelled her to turn off her humanity." Ashley explained to the confused members of the group, and Aiden’s gaze narrowed. This was happening again so soon?

"I'm really glad he did, because now I'm free." Caroline said with a smile while Ichiru struggled to keep himself under control.

"You can't stay here until your humanity is turned back on." Ashley said.

"I figured that. I was going to move out anyways since I know it wouldn't be too much fun here. I'm just here to get my clothes." Caroline's tone was cheerful but cold as she headed up the stairs. Ichiru felt himself trembling with the effort it was taking to stay in control. Nothing else registered well afterward aside from the fact that Kotomi, Stefan and Lexi had gone to find Kiseki. He wanted to go with them, but he couldn’t move. He didn’t even hear what Ashley said to Caroline when the blonde started to leave and she stopped her, but when Caroline reached over and snapped her neck, his body seemed to move on its own without his consent.

Aiden noticed Ichiru move even with his speed and quickly restrained the younger Vampire, who fought against his grip with fangs bared.

“Let me go!”

"Now, if you guys don't stop telling me to turn on my humanity then I will be snapping Abigail's and Scarlet's necks next. Unfortunately, they won't come back like Kiseki and Ashley will."

Caroline’s words made Aiden’s task harder, for Ichiru’s struggling grew worse when she threatened the children.

Despite this, he calmed down almost as quickly as he had lost it only few moments after Caroline left. The second Aiden loosened his grip, he broke free and rushed to Ashley’s side with Isobel. After kneeling down beside her for a few moments, he turned his gaze to his mother.

“I’m going to help find Kiseki. Please take care of her until she wakes up.”


“I’m not going after Caroline.” Ichiru cut Aiden off without looking back as he opened the front door. He seemed to want to say something else, but didn’t, instead leaving the house silently.

“…I hope that doesn’t happen again.” Aiden commented softly a few moments after the younger Vampire had gone. “I know I haven’t been around long, but I’m pretty sure Ichiru snapping like that isn’t normal…”

With a sudden gasp, Kiseki opened his eyes. However, he didn’t move yet. Instead, he simply laid there staring up at the sky as what had happened only moments before came back to him.

“You can’t help me.”

Caroline’s last statement echoed in his mind, and for the first time he was tempted to believe it. But it hadn’t been long at all since her humanity was shut off, and he had only tried once. He couldn’t give up that quickly. He already knew from experience how bad it was to have your humanity shut off. It had happened to Ichiru nineteen years ago, and even he had attacked Kiseki when he tried to stop him. Then there was Damon only a few months ago, who had actually killed Mason. But both of them had come back, and he knew Caroline eventually would too.

Despite these thoughts, Kiseki’s aura dulled exceptionally, shifting to a dark grey color. When he finally sat up, a glint from the sunlight drew his attention to his left hand, where a gold ring rested on his ring finger. The sight of it made his heart ache, but he couldn’t take his gaze off of it regardless. It wasn’t until he heard footsteps nearby that he finally tore his eyes away and forced himself to his feet.

Without thinking, he simply started walking in the direction of the footsteps since he could already sense that whoever they belonged to was a Supernatural being like himself. Upon stepping through some trees, he spotted Kotomi, Stefan, Lexi and Ichiru only a few feet away. Ichiru had caught up with them shortly after leaving the house.


The older twin was the first to notice him, although all of them ran over to him almost simultaneously.

“We were looking for you… Are you okay?” Ichiru was obviously concerned when he spoke, and somehow Kiseki could tell that he wasn’t really referring to his neck being snapped. He seemed to be asking how the younger teen was as far as mentally and emotionally. Kiseki knew that they could all see his aura and instantly know if he was lying, but he forced a smile regardless.

“I’m fine. If you guys were out looking for me, that means I’ve worried you… Sorry.”

“Kiseki, we know what happened.” Kotomi spoke up then, and the dark haired teen looked over to her.

“What do you mean?” He tried to play innocent, but it was clear from his eyes that he knew what his sister was talking about.

“Caroline came back to the house a few minutes ago.” Kiseki’s smile faded when Stefan responded to him softly. “She told us what she did.” He intentionally left out how she had snapped Ashley’s neck as well and even threatened to do the same to the children, since it was obvious that Kiseki wouldn’t be able to take it right now.

“I see…” The younger Vampire’s gaze fell to the ground, and all of his efforts to look cheerful seemed to dissipate.

“We’ll get her back.” Kotomi spoke up again, trying to cheer up her brother, who looked so upset now that she and Ichiru could both almost feel his pain. Kiseki didn’t respond for a while, although when he did, he didn’t acknowledge her words.

“Where is she now?”

“She’ll be staying with Klaus until her humanity comes back on.” Ichiru answered softly, noticing Kiseki clench his fists at his sides. It obviously upset him to hear that, but he didn’t object like they had originally thought he would. However, he had just experienced firsthand how brutal Caroline was without her humanity, so he most likely understood the situation.

After several moments of silence, Ichiru and Kotomi thought they saw what looked like tears beginning to line his eyes, but before anyone could speak, Kiseki did so himself.

“Let’s just go home…”
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