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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Agreed, fundamentalism is very...nice (avoids starting arguments with the religious).

We could be more scientifically advanced if the religious suppression on science didn't occur. Thank goodness a lot of it was left back then, but there is still some of it around today. People accused of witchcraft are still burned at the stake in some countries, Islamic religions protest to have atheist bloggers hanged (one was arrested in India to suit the protesters), etc. It's really, really sickening.

Everyone here is a fundamentalist, and I want to cry.
We definitely would be more scientifically advanced, and a lot less scarred as a collective. It undoubtedly continues today. It is still an issue all around the globe. Creationists and violent anti-homosexual sentiments exist in the United States, brutal sexism and disregard for human rights in the Middle East, all religions keeping Africa down, religious institutions harboring the crime syndicates in South America, the massive Islamic migration occurring in Europe. It is a massive problem for us today. I wish more people would recognize it without fearing public ridicule.

I cannot even begin to feel the fear that many free thinkers posses in some countries. Humanists, secularists, atheists, and the passive religious all pay for the blight of humanity.
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