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Default Re: Write-a-Roll Competition

The Prizes

What everybody is here for anyway… By participating in this competition, you’re entitled to whatever you write. If you wrote for a Staryu, you can claim that Staryu, assuming your story is successful in its capture attempt. In addition to the initial earnings of the story, you will be graded upon how closely you stuck to your prompt. If you stuck close to your prompt, you can earn a Pokemon up to the highest rank of what you had written. However, if you didn’t stick to your prompt at all, you’ll be unable to claim anything besides your story-obtained Pokemon. I’ll explain more:

Continuing with my example, let’s say that I wrote for my Staryu with a perfect ‘stick’ with the prompt. The grader says I did a wonderful job and says I can claim a Pokemon equal to Staryu’s story rank, which is Hard. This claim is entirely my decision, and I can claim this new Pokemon as soon as the submission window closes. However, let’s say that I didn’t stick too closely to the prompt and the grader gives me a subpar score, saying I can claim a Medium-ranked Pokemon. Like I would claim any other reward, I’ll wait until the end of the submission window and claim my medium Pokemon. Finally, if I wrote for both a Staryu and an Abra (or a Magikarp, for that matter), I can only claim one prize, even if I stuck closely to the prompt.

Let it be known that you can’t obtain a reward Pokemon higher ranked than the one you wrote for. Even if you stuck to the prompt flawlessly and only wrote for a Magikarp, you would only be able to claim another Pokemon from the same rank as a reward. You can, however, obtain a reward Pokemon lower ranked than the one you wrote for. If you stuck to the prompt but not at the expected level, you might obtain a reward a rank or two down from what your target was. This is because you’ll be rewarded upon effort, not just completion, so don’t just write a bunch of scrambled words in hopes of obtaining a Pokemon of whatever rank you went for.

Another important notice: graders should be less strict on lower ranked stories and stricter on stories for higher ranked Pokemon. If a person writes for a Magikarp but doesn’t stick to the prompt too closely, don’t lock them out of the reward. They tried, and it’s honestly quite difficult to fit a prompt into a story of such miniscule length. On the other hand, if an author is aiming for a Merciless Pokemon, they better stick pretty damn close to the prompt if they wish to acquire a prize of the same rank. It’s like grading as a whole – you’re going to go easier on the shorter stories simply because there isn’t as much expected, and this situation applies here as well.

The Leftovers

Not much else to say! I wish you good luck, and I hope that your imagination kicks into overdrive. Submissions can begin as soon as your prompt is rolled, so start writing as soon as possible. You have until May 31st to write and post your story, so make sure it’s the best that it can possibly be. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If not, get rolling and writing!
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