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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
If so this is not a discussion, and it does not belong in the discussion section.

because you're so angry

If you love free speech so much then why does my disgusting and so very very horrible opinion bother you so much that its your duty to prove me wrong? I stood up for my opinion until you downgraded this "discussion" to a series of personal attacks like some politically incorrect redneck. You did not need to attack anyone in this thread--you could just have ignored my post, it was not even serious, i was criticizing Americas huge stupidity then something like this happens, most people would say you're the worst person in this thread, after all, you're the one who started this with a basic kill your self comment.

I see I can never win because you will keep on mindlessly replying until one of us go.
We will continue this with a PM because I like to obey forum rules.
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