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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Highway around Central America
Affected RPers: Cherry Tomato, should he/she have his/her characters pursue Dustyn.

"Hey kid. Kid. Wake up."

Dustyn opened his eyes to the blinding light of the sun, quickly closing them again. The harsh light through the truck windscreen burned Dustyn's eyes. Not great way to start the morning.

"You fell asleep a few hours ago." said the truck driver, "I am stopping at a gas station. I thought I would lt you know in case you wanted to get something."

"Thanks," Dustyn said, as he felt hunger pains in his stomach.

They drove for a few more miles, and eventually pulled up at a gas station. They parked around the back.

"I am leaving here in 20 minutes sharp, and taking the exit behind the building." said the truck driver who went into the fast food restuaraunt. "If you aren't back at the truck by then, I am leaving without you. I have a tight schedule."

"No worries." Dustyn said, as he walked into the gas station. Judging by the state of where they were parked, not many people seemed to know about the car park or the freeway exit.

It was 10am, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. It had been three days since he ran away from Los Angeles. He found one of the warehouses that his dad runned, that exported stock away from Los Angeles. Finding a truck full of snack food, Dustyn hid in the back, but accidentally knocked over something whilst on the road. The truck driver inspected the trailer and found Dustyn there. Instead of asking questions and handing him over to the police, he offered for Dustyn to ride in the truck with him the rest of the way.

Dustyn went to the shelves and grabbed various things. Bags of crisps, Energy drinks, water and other cheap things. He had $50 in his wallet. His bank account was off limits. Any interacting with that would lead to him being traced.

"That will be $21.40," said the clerk who continued to stare at the clock. "Would you like a bag?"

"No thanks," Dustyn said as he shoved all his purchases into his bag.

Dustyn walked to the magazine rack, knowing he had another 15 minutes to go. He picked up one of the car magazines, and looked through that, until he heard something that chilled him.

"Traffic cameras picked up the kid on the freeway, in a truck. This is one of the most popular spots on the freeway. I think we will find him here." said a male voice from outside the building.

Dustyn ran to the counter, and asked where the bathroom was. He ran in the direction that the clerk indicated.

He found himself hiding in the cubicle, waiting for 10 minutes He heard footsteps walk through te door, and heard ll the doors being opened, one by one. Dustyn felt himself starting to panic, but knew that he didn't have the time. He held his breath, speeding up the adrenaline rush. He had control now.

The footsteps were getting closer, and Dustyn focused his telekinesis behind him. The door to his cubicle was opened, as Dustyn released the blast behind him. The blast pushed him forward, into the man, as they both hit the wall. The man took most of the force for Dustyn, and Dustyn felt his ribcage break under the force of him.

Dustyn turned, and faced the other man, who had a gun pointed at him. Dustyn used his telekinesis to throw the man into one of the cubicles, then pulled the walls of it around him, trapping the man.

Dustyn ran out of the bathroom, and tried to be as subtle as he could as he made his way to the truck. The truck driver arrived a minutes after he did, and they left. Dustyn tried to seem calm, but strugled to shake the thought that he would be found, since they managed to track him so quickly...

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