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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
Claiming that I have no place in this thread because you disagree with me is probably the weakest thing I have read today.
Why do you tend to take things on such a personal level? There are people with far more twisted opinions out there than me on the internet, Whats good about the internet is that it allows people to have an equal voice in discussions (or "discussions") like these, you should not take anything said by people you don't even know IRL so personal.
You don't have any place in this thread. The entirety of this thread's purpose is to express condolences for those who are deceased or injured as a result of the Boston terrorist attack. You have done nothing but dispute the moral double standard you assume so many Americans posses, tried to discredit the reaction because of the low mortality rate, and then tried to justify your position by pointing out the meddlesome foreign policies of the United States. So far, you have been posting some of the most weak and pathetic diatribe I have seen on this forum.

What has indicated that I took this on a personal level? The fact that I have relentlessly attacked you for your incredibly insensitive and disgusting comment concerning the deaths of innocent civilians? My reaction to your stupid attempt to deface the character of the American people, including me, by attacking the nations' foreign policy? No one here is preventing you from exercising your free speech, but you are feeling the repercussions of such a right. You have the right to dispel any nonsensical hullabaloo you want, but that means you have to own up when a person criticizes you or your opinion. I assume you think I took it personally because I did not censor my opinions, or because I said a "bad" word. But censorship is against the notion of free speech, which you so clearly support. I let you know what I thought about your moronic display, if you don't want to like it, then don't. I never asked you to.
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