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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
According to Pakistani records, a grand total of 3000 people have died from drone attacks since 2004. Stop vomiting out random numbers and claiming them as statistics. You have no place in this thread at all, now leave.
Oh please, I don't "vomit out random numbers and claim them to be statistics" I only assumed that this specific amount of people have died as a result of Americas tyrany in the middle east, and I i do admit that I missed pretty widely.

Claiming that I have no place in this thread because you disagree with me is probably the weakest thing I have read today.
Why do you tend to take things on such a personal level? There are people with far more twisted opinions out there than me on the internet, Whats good about the internet is that it allows people to have an equal voice in discussions (or "discussions") like these, you should not take anything said by people you don't even know IRL so personal.