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Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
For some reason I gt the feeling it's either going to be a Normal or something out of left field, like a Ghost-type.
There's speculation that there might be a Fairy type, and that Xerneas and Sylveon may be that, while the Clafairy family would be rebranded as that... (which I don't see happening, but still...)

However, apparently there's a new picture from the pika-short that has Sylveon with a backround of an egg shape figure decorated with little wings. (Each Eeveelution got their own, Jolteon got a yellow backround with lightning decorations, Vaporeon's was blue with waves, etc) I'll edit this later to link the site I found the fairy rumor on as well as show the picture I speak of, as I'm on my XBox

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