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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
If you have been to those nations, you'd know that the average person shares universal opinions. What the congress, parliament, or house decides, if you have bothered to research modern foreign policy, very rarely reflects what the people want. The United States' congress' public approval rating is below 30%. The presidents' is below 50%. People clearly do not like the direction the "big shot" U.S is taking. So stop making irrational generalizations, which is something I assume you think Americans are guilty of. Oh, and another tidbit of information. The United States has been significantly reducing their military involvement. The United States is almost completely out of Iraq, and we are preparing to pull out of Afghanistan. The president avoided a war with Libya, and is avoiding one with Iran and Syria. I'd say "big shot" U.S is trying not to be an ass.

Your non-sequitur of a question was a dumb and pointless one.
U.S is not trying to avoid a war with Iran and Syria, American drones kill hundreds of innocent people every day, this causes many iranians and syrians to develop an intense hatreds for America, because only like 10.000+ people have been unnecessarily killed in American attacks, but thats okay, what is not okay however is that 3000 Americans were killed in a terrorist attack pulled off by the same people whose country has been bombed out completely by America, then that happens many americans get mad and claim that they never did anything to them, and the rest of the world facepalms.